Over 5000 Forecasted to Join Pauline Nordin’s Fighter Diet Butt Bible Challenge in January 2018

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Fighter Diet founder Pauline Nordin. Image credit: Kai York (PRNewsfoto/Fighter Diet)

Fighter Diet Founder and Fitness Expert Inspires Thousands to Reach Diet and Fitness Goals With the Fighter Diet Butt Bible Challenge

LOS ANGELESDec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Fighter Diet founder and world-renowned fitness expert Pauline Nordin is launching a new Fighter Diet Butt Bible challenge for those seeking to take their glutes to the next level. The 12-week transformative challenge features an innovative training and nutrition program designed to sculpt the body while instilling a life-changing mindset that results in a leaner physique and healthier lifestyle. The Fighter Diet Butt Bible challenge starts January 10 and ends April 4, 2018.

While the Fighter Diet Butt Bible Challenge workouts focus on strengthening, lifting and sculpting the glutes, other areas will benefit as well, including the hamstrings, quads and inner thighs. Results from this program are unparalleled and well-documented by participants. The 12-week program includes the actual Butt Bible itself, a thick manual documenting Nordin’s journey and “butt obsession,” along with pick-and-choose meal plans and easy-to-follow workouts using free weights and resistance bands.

“The Butt Bible offers a straightforward concept for a lean and fit body. It’s simple, it’s easy and it makes sense,” says Nordin. “You don’t have to count calories and macronutrients or figure out a bunch of percentages like you’re some math major. You just need some discipline, common sense and most importantly you need to WANT to make healthy food exciting and tasty!”

Like Nordin’s other Fighter Diet challenges, The Butt Bible provides participants access to an exclusive 24/7 Facebook community that offers extensive support and encouragement. Members can share their progress, interact with live Fighter Diet coaches daily and view exclusive live videos. In addition, the Fighter Diet Butt Bible Challenge provides unique challenge supplement kits to help participants train harder and longer while supporting growth and overall well-being.

With more than two million Facebook fans, Nordin uses her social media prowess to inspire, encourage and share her wealth of knowledge and experience to help make people from all over the world leaner and healthier. She designs Fighter Diet programs and products to “ignite the fight within” so participants can achieve long-lasting physical transformations. Nordin’s tough no-nonsense style coupled with the undying support she provides proves highly effective for the tens of thousands of challenge participants she has helped take charge of their health.

In 2011, Nordin starred in the Butt Bible DVD produced by NBC/Universal. Record-breaking DVD sales and the accompanying media exposure built Nordin’s reputation as the leading expert in glute workouts. With a mission to “De-fatten America,” Nordin created the Fighter Diet program to revolutionize the world with her techniques for creating a lean physique and the mindset to maintain it. The wildly successful Butt Bible DVDs, subsequent Fighter Diet programs and current rate of sign-ups indicate that more than 5000 women will join the Fighter Diet Butt Bible Challenge in January 2018.

International fitness model and social media sensation Pauline Nordin is the founder of the famed Fighter Diet. She hails from Sweden, where she garnered attention as the trainer for the Swedish team in the Scandinavian version of The Biggest Loser. After her team won, Nordin moved to the United States and soon after starred in the best-selling Butt Bible DVD and founded Fighter Diet to further her mission to “De-fatten America.” She has appeared on numerous fitness covers, advertisements and billboards in Times Square NYC. Nordin is certified by the CISSN and PRO PTA.

Fighter Diet is a web-based fitness and nutrition program designed to create a lean, fit body using simple but effective techniques that push participants beyond their comfort zones. Founder Pauline Nordin’s passion for fitness is the force behind this multi-million dollar company focused on helping people help themselves. Since its inception in 2008, Fighter Diet has assisted tens of thousands of people in taking charge of their health. The unconventional diet and fitness system features bi-monthly challenges designed to train the mind, boost confidence and achieve long-lasting, transformative results.

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