Canadian Energy Centre launches with mandate to promote Canadian energy

Calgary, Dec. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Calgary, Dec 11, 2019 – The Canadian Energy Centre (CEC) starts operations today with a mandate to promote Canada as the supplier of choice for the world’s growing demand for responsibly produced energy.

In the coming weeks, the website will share with the rest of the world the true story of Canada’s energy sector. It will push back against incorrect narratives and begin to respond to the lies and myths targeting Alberta in real time.

The CEC has three units that will work together to tell Canada’s energy story:

  • A rapid response unit to issue swift responses to misinformation about Canadian oil and natural gas.
  • A pro-active energy literacy unit that creates original content to elevate the general understanding of Canada’s energy sector and help the country take control of its energy story.
  • A data and research unit that centralizes and analyses data targeting investors, researchers, and policy makers.

Tom Olsen, Chief Executive Officer, said the CEC will offer a fact-based narrative to reflect a truthful picture of the existing and future energy mix of fossil fuels, renewables, and other forms of energy.

“Demand for oil and gas will increase for decades to come. Canada, with its world-leading, environmental, social and governance standards, should be the first choice for consumers around the world. We will no longer apologize for our industry or be ashamed of our industry. Canadian energy makes the world a better place.”

“The Canadian Energy Centre is a key part of Alberta’s new, proactive strategy to tell the truth about our responsibly produced resources. Alberta has been a great motor of jobs, prosperity, and social progress because of our natural resources, and increasingly we are world leaders in technology that reduces the environmental output of our oil and gas,” said Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. “We will no longer passively accept a campaign of defamation seeking to landlock one of Canada’s greatest assets.”

“Today is an important milestone in our efforts to set the record straight and tell the true story of Canadian energy,” said Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage. “The narratives about Canada’s energy sector are simply untrue and unacceptable. Our energy sector operates with the highest environmental, social and governance standards in the world.”

The Canadian Energy Centre will also feature a mix of stories to re-introduce Canada’s energy sector and lead advertising campaigns throughout key markets in Canada. As of today, a number of narrative stories have already been published to the CEC’s website including:

  • “Canada’s natural resources can be global catalyst for a greener future”
  • “Indigenous leaders bring energy message to Japan”
  • “Fossil fuel misinformation presented to students in Alberta”
  • “Prosthetics derived from petrochemicals allow athletes to stay in the game”

The CEC is an independent provincial corporation that has a $30-million annual budget — $20 million derived from industry through the Technology, Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund, $10 million re-purposed from advertising spending earmarked by the previous provincial government.

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