Halloween safety tips from the City of Toronto

The City of Toronto wants to remind everyone to stay safe and have fun this Halloween. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to review the following safety tips before trick-or-treat activities on Wednesday. 

Avoid slips, trips and falls 
• Check the costume’s size to ensure a snug fit, with the costume no longer than ankle length. 
• Consider makeup instead of a mask for your child. Masks can restrict vision and make it difficult to see approaching traffic. 
• Turn on your porch light and clear walkways of clutter.

Prevent fires 
• Keep candles, matches and lighters away from children. 
• Keep lit pumpkins away from drapes, decorations or other flammable objects. 
• Consider lighting your pumpkin with a flameless candle or glow stick.

Be visible 
• Carry a flashlight. 
• Attach a strip of reflective tape or apply reflective spray to your child’s costume. 
• Wear light-coloured clothing instead of primarily dark colours. 

Plan ahead to stay warm and dry 
• Send your child out in layers of clothing – an extra layer under the costume will make a difference if a child is outside for an extended period. 
• Place a hat and mitts in your child’s treat bag in case they are needed. 

Follow basic safety rules 
• Supervise small children when they are crossing a road. 
• Wait for cars to come to a complete stop before starting to walk across the street at a stop sign, crosswalk or traffic light. 
• Plan a meeting spot in advance in case friends/family members who are out together become separated. 
• Check treats for signs of tampering or for candy that appears likely to be a potential choking hazard before allowing children to eat any treats.

Pet owners, keep the following tips in mind and celebrate the holiday safely with your pet:
• Make sure pets are wearing tags with ID and a City of Toronto pet licence.
• Ensure visibility with a reflective leash or bike light.
• Remember to supervise pets around jack-o-lanterns. Swallowing large pieces of raw pumpkin can create blockages in their systems.
• Trick-or-treaters can be scary. If a pet is not social, keep them away from the door. 
• Keep treat bowl elevated and/or away from curious pets. 
• Costumes can be fun and we love them, but pets may not. Make sure your pet is comfortable when wearing a costume.

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