Perspective: Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry fired over inflammatory remarks toward immigrants

It is unfortunate that Don Cherry has been silenced. This colourful character has been for the last forty years a fixture in his commentary segment of Hockey Night in Canada. He dressed well and projected from my perspective, an excellent image of the game.

Shot From The Hip

Cherry fired from the hip and did not spare any ammunition. I think the sport has lost an icon who was very knowledgeable of the game. I found his commentary most effective. I grew to love the game which was foreign to me when I lived in Canada. Cherry was my hero.

Racist Comment

It is inexcusable for Don Cherry a supposedly role model to have made any comment that could be construed as not keeping with the highest ethical standards of CBC or our national community. We must be so sensitive as to the positions we take, especially in public. If his comment was racist, then he has to go. We are free to say what we wish privately. Cherry has been accident prone over the years and therefore was living on the edge for some time now. He should not be surprised what has befallen him.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

The CBC is a public broadcaster who has to serve all without bias to none. It cannot allow itself to be seen as speaking through both sides of its mouth. It has to be fair to all. It is a national broadcaster who is partly funded by the Taxpayers of Canada or the public purse and advertisers … so it has to be careful to toe a balanced line.


It must have been a very difficult decision to make to ask Mr. Don Cherry to leave. Undoubtedly Don Cherry has contributed much to the game of Hockey which is a national obsession in Canada which is beamed not only nationally but internationally. So Cherry’s conduct cannot be ignored. Certain comments could lead to a legal conflict between CBC and third parties.


It is our further perspective that when you serve the public you have to be circumspect in your utterances. We cannot be seen as thoughtlessly causing harm. Action had to be taken. CBC could not abdicate its responsibility to be fair to all. I love cherry but if it upsets my stomach it has to be abandoned in favour of my continued good health. Walk good Mr. Don Cherry.

We will miss you Mr. Hockey Don Cherry.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National and International Correspondent for GTA Weekly.

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