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The Daily Star has posted a story entitled “Reasons Behind Trudeau’s Slim Victory” I think the writer is off the mark. Trudeau has been embroiled in a number of missteps and scandals. If Trudeau was not a strong leader with a charismatic personality, with excellent credentials he would have been toast. There were at least two ethics violations based on the Ethic Commissioner ‘s rulings, some sections of the media say there were three violations. Then if that was not all his hand picked aboriginal native, a female lawyer whom Trudeau appointed Attorney-General and Justice Minister.

Jody Humiliated Trudeau

Jody Wilson-Raybould then publicly humiliated him. He was forced to dismiss her. This damaged his feminist image. Jane Philpots her (Jody’s) close friend sided with her. Jody refused to be loyal to her caucus and decided not to pursue a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) instead of pressing for a criminal prosecution. DPAs are common south of the birder CV in the USA. This road if taken was not criminal. She accused Trudeau et al of pressuring her to break the law. She was misguided … totally wrong. Trudeau said he was trying to protect Canadian jobs.

Aboriginal Vote

Jody Wilson-Raybould could have gotten sympathy from her Aboriginal community so Justin Trudeau could have lost many aboriginal votes … they have a significant population in say Winnipeg, Manitoba. This dispute could have upset many … what with the wide publicity the SNC Lavalin debacle had garnered. It was in the news daily …on TV and on the front page of dailies etc. Then if that was not bad enough … there came out of the blue the black face images which went viral on social media. Trudeau was forced to almost tearfully apologize publicly … repeatedly he apologized. Despite all those missteps and scandals Trudeau was able to get 157 seats only falling short by 13 to get an outright majority. Yes he dropped 27 seats he had from 2015. He now leads a minority government. To imply that Trudeau and the Liberals settled immigrants and was expecting these new Canadians to vote for him/them is without merit or foundation.


The New Democrats lost 16 seats they had and also lost their strong position in Quebec. They were elected in 24 seats down from 39 in 2015. There are 338 seats in Parliament up for grabs.


The performance of the Liberals and in particular their leader PM Justin Trudeau can only be described as spectacular. They had everything going against them. We thing it speaks volumes on the strength and quality of leadership that Trudeau has been giving.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National Political Correspondent for GTA Weekly.

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