Perspective: With Trudeau re-election, Canadians voted for totalitarianism

To say that the re-election by Canadians of PM Justin Trudeau and by extension the Liberals is a vote for totalitarianism is nothing short of a nonsensical statement. Show me the evidence. There have been various coach and other commentators since the October 21 vote that returned Trudeau and his party to power … albeit with 13 less seats just short of an outright majority government in Canada. Put up the evidence or any hint of totalitarianism.

Freedom Of Speech

We respect the right of any individual irrespective of class, sex or religion or association to have their say. This is a democracy. Canada is highly rated locally and internationally for upholding the highest traditions of freedom of expression, conscience, religion, cultural expression to say the least. Same sex unions or marriages are legal. In short a man can marry another man and a female another female and “live happily thereafter”. Wow!


Individuals can legally change their sex and decide which sex organs they which to keep or reject. It is a very open society. Apart from hate speech which is illegal one can say how they feel and demonstrate publicly without fear of prosecution as long as same is non violent. This is not so in certain countries. For example in certain Arabic states women up to recently were not allowed to get a drivers license much less drive alone. In Afghanistan girls were not, up to recently allowed to go to school. The list of restrictions goes on. Homosexuality in certain places is akin to a death sentence. Such interactions are illegal … and could be punishable by death.

Respect For Life

Respect for life and a judicial system that allows for a free trial if accused of even murder is in place. Least to mention free and fair elections. One person, one vote and not through the barrel of a gun. There has never been a coup in Canada. They always elect their leaders democratically. The death penalty has long been abolished. The state has outlawed the killing of anyone convicted of killing another. There is no eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth concept practiced in Canada. China and now Hong Kong show no respect for protests or life.


So to state that PM Trudeau’s re-election signals Totalitarianism could not be further from the truth. Put up the evidence or do the honourable thing to withdraw same. Canadians will not turn their backs on the gains they have enjoyed under democracy. Such an assertion is off base as when an internet is down and a device is off line. No connectivity at all. Despite the many missteps of Trudeau … his many faces even blackface and ethics violations the people in their wisdom still trusted him with 157 seats. More than any other party.

Hong Kong attacks peaceful protests and not only use teargas, but also fire even live ammunition against protesters.

Long live PM Justin Trudeau a Democrat, a great Liberal and hero.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National Correspondent for GTA Weekly.

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