Statement from the Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation on Louis Riel Day

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Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

David Zimmer, Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, released the following statement today:

“November 16 is a date that is significant not only for Métis people, but for all people in Ontario. One hundred and thirty-two years ago, Métis leader Louis Riel was executed after defending the rights of the Métis for leading the Northwest Resistance.

Today, Louis Riel is known to us as a statesman, and a recognized founder of the province of Manitoba. His role in bringing recognition to the Métis as a distinct people was pivotal. Many Métis continue to feel a connection to the resistance efforts led by Riel in the 1870s and 1880s.

We commemorate Louis Riel Day annually to honour and celebrate his legacy. We also mark this day to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of Métis people across Ontario.

Ontario is proud to support these contributions through such initiatives as the Métis Voyageur Development Fund, which provides Métis entrepreneurs and businesses with the funding to expand, create, and innovate.

Ontario looks forward to continuing to work with Métis partners to build stronger relationships, and better opportunities for Métis people. We are committed to walking the journey of reconciliation with you.”

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