VisionWare Helps CCMCN Launch Best-in-Class Data Stewardship Platform


BOSTONMay 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — VisionWare, a leading provider of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions for hospitals, health systems, and state and local governments, recently announced a strategic partnership with Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN) to help the organization more effectively manage its data, which is essential in furthering CCMCN’s mission—to enable its members and their community partners to succeed as efficient, effective, and accountable systems of care.

CCMCN is a Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) comprised of all 20 Community Health Centers in Colorado with more than 200 clinic sites (including school-based clinics, pharmacies, and mobile units). CCMCN was founded as a non-profit organization in 1994 to respond proactively to the advent of mandatory Medicaid managed care, and has evolved into a multi-faceted organization that serves its members in areas where a network solution optimizes collaborative endeavors. Areas of focus include accountable care, health information technology, and clinical quality improvement programming.

“VisionWare is pleased to partner with CCMCN to offer them the flexible matching algorithms, scalability, and ease of data stewardship they need to create 360-degree patient records in such a large organization,” said Gordon Cooper, Founder and Chairman of VisionWare. “We appreciate CCMCN’s recognition of our unique capabilities in this space and look forward to working together.”

Specifically, VisionWare’s Enterprise Master Patient Index will help CCMCN to:

  • Create a single view of each patient, a “golden record” for use in various projects on behalf of CCMCN’s customers
  • Lower the maintenance cost of data management within the organization
  • Allow for the data stewardship to be managed by non-technical staff
  • Improve on current validation and quality reports

CCMCN is expecting significant growth over the next 6-12 months that includes both new data sets and new customers; outcomes including reduced maintenance and increased data stewardship will be important for this new volume.

“It’s very important for us to have a system that allows non-technical staff to contribute to the management of our data, said Jason Greer, CEO of CCMCN. “Our internal system requires someone with strong technical knowledge to manage it. With VisionWare, any of our staff can log in every day, manage patient matching and program administration without having to know coding language. This has allowed us to free up our engineers for other work and leverage all of our employees in the most efficient, productive way possible.”

“What we really like about VisionWare is the algorithms-based processing that allows the application to learn what is best for our population,” added Cathy Hawkins, Senior Data Engineer at CCMCN. “We can analyze our end-users’ data and help them improve. I’m sure everyone thinks their data is complicated; the real differentiator with VisionWare is that the product resonated with our engineers, as if VisionWare spoke their language.”

About VisionWare

VisionWare is a leading provider of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions for healthcare organizations and state and local governments. We provide the tools for both government entities as well as healthcare providers, payers, and technology companies to make critical advancements in digital transformation, analytics, citizen/patient engagement, quality improvement, and compliance. Our solution suite will match, verify, govern, and integrate your data, providing one rich, comprehensive view of your organization’s patients or constituents. We have the flexibility to work with multiple systems and across a variety of data silos. Coupled with our world-class consulting team, our software can deliver value in days, not weeks or months. Visit for more details about our comprehensive suite of MDM solutions.


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