150 Canadians cross the English Channel and begin their journey to Vimy Ridge

150 Canadian Wounded Warriors bicycle riders about to cross the English channel captured by GTA weekly Toronto News
Wounded Warriors Canada kicks off their VIMY 100 Battlefield Bike Ride (BBR17).

150 Canadians crossed the English Channel into Calais, France this afternoon, concluding Day 1 of the 2017 Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride at the historic port town of Dunkerque. They now begin a 600km journey through the battlefields and cemeteries of World War I, which will culminate on Friday at Vimy Ridge.

“Together we will explore lands soaked in the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of the Canadians and men of the Dominion of Newfoundland who served during the First World war.” Phil Ralph, Wounded Warriors Canada National Program Director.

The Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride is comprised of Veterans, Canadian Forces members, First Responders and citizens from across the country. The ride has so far raised nearly $700,000, which will directly fund programs supporting the lives of our ill and injured Veterans, First Responders and their families living with Operational Stress Injuries such as PTSD.

To keep track of the day-by-day progress of the riders, and to see photos and videos of the event, please visit our daily tracker page: bbr17.ca/ride-tracker

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