3 Simple Tips Small Businesses Can Use to Take Their Marketing From Zero to 60 With Minimal Investment

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In time for Small Business Month, Claudia Newcorn shares game-changing advice from her new book, Zipline to Success

According to a new Allstate/USA Today poll of 2,700 small business owners, nearly two-thirds agree that there has never been a better time to own a small business. But amid the optimism, the survey found that one of their biggest concerns was handling sales and marketing and finding new customers. That’s the area of expertise of Claudia Newcorn, the author of Amazon best-seller Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales & Profit

The award-winning marketing expert has three “stealth marketing” tips small businesses can use to maximize their marketing with a minimal investment:

  • Double the effectiveness of business cards. Newcorn says 90 percent of business cards have printing on one side only—a wasted opportunity. Use the other side to promote a list of services, loyalty program or make a special offer.
  • Cover up nude windows. Newcorn says retail establishments often waste their front window space. Instead, use them as a billboard to attract potential customers. For example, a restaurant might have a colorful banner, placed high enough for drivers in SUVs to read, that says “Foodies: Sandwiches and great lunches.”
  • Recognize that employees are marketing billboards. Newcorn says to stop sending employees out bare-chested by letting them wear whatever they want. Encourage them to wear a uniform that makes them easily recognizable as company employees. This can be as simple as having them wear nametags or logo-themed clothing.

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