April 1 Alert: Georgian Bay Spirit Co. Launches Salmon Smash

All New Salmon Smash (CNW Group/Georgian Bay Spirit Co.)

Canadian Creator of LCBO Bestsellers Gin and Vodka Smash Launches New Concept Beverage: Georgian Bay Salmon Smash.

TORONTO, March 29, 2018 /CNW/ – Georgian Bay Spirit Co. announces the latest flavour to join the wildly successful Georgian Bay Smash portfolio: The Georgian Bay Salmon Smash.

Following the meteoric launches of the Georgian Bay Gin Smash and Georgian Bay Vodka Smash, the Georgian Bay Salmon Smash will not fail to shock, surprise and delight Smash lovers from coast to coast.

Moving away from the traditional spirit base, the Salmon Smash prides itself on the unique combination of effervescent water, Georgian Bay juniper, Omega-3 fatty acids together with the delicate flavour and aroma of Georgian Bay Salmon with a hint of lemon zest.

“Denny, Mark and I spent countless hours in Georgian Bay’s innovation kitchen testing numerous recipes, flavours and combinations. After many late nights at the office, we finally had our ‘Aha!’ moment.  We asked ourselves – what is it that we crave over anything else? – the answer was right in front of us. This is it. It’s Salmon and it’s remarkable,” states Georgian Bay Spirit Co. co-founder Tim Keenleyside. “When you crack that can – the aroma of salmon envelops you and everything around you. It takes you back to that time you flayed your first fish on the shore. It’s overwhelming and will truly blow you away.”

Going beyond the typical craft-cocktail-in-a-can you enjoy with friends; the Salmon Smash is a culinary curiosity that connects with everyone. Whether you like your salmon smoked or poached – one sip and you’re hooked. Complimenting its unique aroma, the addition of Omega-3 fatty acids sourced from sustainable Georgian Bay Steelhead Salmon also makes this Smash good for you.  So, drink up knowing this sip of the sea will improve your skin, hair and overall brain health.

To learn more about the Georgian Bay Salmon Smash, visit our website: GeorgianBaySpiritCo.com/SalmonSmash

Check us out on social media: Instagram @GeorgianBaySpiritCo, Twitter @GBaySpiritCo and Facebook.com/GeorgianBaySpiritCo

Georgian Bay Salmon Smash will be available wherever quality beverages are sold.

Georgian Bay Spirit Co. (CNW Group/Georgian Bay Spirit Co.)

About Georgian Bay Spirit Co.
Georgian Bay Spirit Co. is a small-batch, hand-crafted spirits company based in Ontario. Founded in 2013 by Denny Wadds and Tim Keenleyside, and joined by partner Mark Cohon, the company produces the award-winning Georgian Bay Vodka and Gin along with two of the LCBO’s best-selling, ready to drink craft-cocktails-in-a-can: Gin Smash and Vodka Smash.

The brand started by launching Georgian Bay Gin and Vodka. After finding recognition from consumers and connoisseurs alike, the founders soon found themselves on a mission to bring premium spirits to the masses. How? Through a simple, delicious and refreshing craft-cocktail-in-a-can, the likes of which the LCBO had never seen. The Gin Smash and Vodka Smash flew off the shelves and the rest is history. Georgian Bay Spirit Co is now focused on building its presence across Canada while simultaneously giving back to the bay by supporting organizations and projects that strengthen connections to nature and community.

Inspired by the beauty of Georgian Bay, we seek to develop world-class spirits and cocktails that are balanced, pure and proudly Canadian. Visit www.georgianbayspiritco.com and @georgianbayspiritco on Instagram and Facebook.

SOURCE Georgian Bay Spirit Co.

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