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MIAMIJuly 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spanglish Media recently produced the upcoming movie “Bezos”, a biopic following Jeff Bezos’s founding days of Amazon and the first movie made about Amazon’s early days. The movie is executive produced by Marcus Lemonis, star of the hit CNBC Series, The Profit, and tech entrepreneur, Alberto de la Cruz. Lemonis also plays the role of David Shaw, the hedge fund manager and boss of Jeff Bezos before he quit his job to launch Amazon. Jeff Bezos is played by Armando Gutierrez, the well-known producer and star of the hit movies The Little MermaidWalt Before Mickey, and Anastasia, among other notable titles. Jeff Bezos’ conflicted first employee, Shel Kaphan, is played by Nick Friedman. Friedman is a known entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the $250M company College HUNKS Hauling Junk and is best known for various reality TV appearances, including the first episode of ABC’S Shark Tank and, most recently, Undercover Boss.

The film is based on the book, “Zero to Hero” the story of Jeff Bezos by Tashena Banks. The story follows Jeffrey Bezos, a 31-year-old hedge fund manager, who quits his job and borrows money from his dad to move himself and his wife Mackenzie across the country to launch his dream of creating the world’s largest online book store. In a dilapidated garage and with two hard-working techies, Bezos struggles to find investors and finds himself challenged by the CEO of the largest retail bookstore, Barnes and Noble.

“This is the never-been-told story on screen of how Jeff Bezos and Amazon got its start, and its founder’s relentless pursuit of excellence,” said Lemonis. “As a lifelong investor and entrepreneur, I can identify with Bezos’ journey and relentless pursuit of excellence to revolutionize commerce, and we look forward to sharing this movie with audiences worldwide.”

When I read the script, I had to make this movie,” added Gutierrez. “After creating the biopic about Walt Disney, I felt compelled to continue creating movies about entrepreneurial stories that inspire and inform. Jeff Bezos is the richest man globally, so naturally, people are drawn to knowing the nitty-gritty behind his success. The humble beginnings of operating out of a garage to creating that first step of launching a website is a story that hasn’t been told on-screen.”

“This is truly a compelling time for entrepreneurship globally,” added Friedman. “Our company College HUNKS started from humble beginnings with one truck, in which I was the first original employee. I look forward to bringing that raw experience to tell the story of Shel Kaplan, Amazon’s first employee.”

The movie has not yet signed with a streaming platform yet, but the producers are anticipating strong interest from digital platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, among others. Other notable actors appearing in the movie include, Grammy-Award Winner Emilio Estefan (Husband of Gloria Estefan) as Bezos’ Dad Miguel Bezos, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Adventures) as Leonard Reggio the Bezos antagonist / CEO of Barnes and Noble, Jevon White (Thunder Force and Startup) as Nico Lovejoy the remaining original employee of Amazon, Alex Mitchell (An American Murder Mystery) as Bezos’ wife Mackenzie, Sasha Andreev (Phasma Ex Machina) as Amazon’s second employee Paul DavisEliana Ghen (7M followers on Tiktok) and a cameo from UFC Champion Jorge Masvidal.

About “Bezos”- The Movie:  Written by Allison Burnett  & RV Romero (Autumn in New York and Underworld Awakening) and Directed by Khoa Le (Walt Before Mickey), Executive Producers Armando Gutierrez, Alberto de la CruzNick Friedman, and Marcus Lemonis, bring to life this entrepreneurial story of grit, resilience, and startup life.

About Marcus Lemonis  
Marcus Lemonis is the CEO of Camping World, and founder of Marcus Entertainment. Along with being the host of various reality tv shows.

About Armando Gutierrez  
Armando Gutierrez stars as Jeff Bezos, and is the producer of various movies including The Little Mermaid, Walt Before Mickey, and New York Christmas Wedding.

About Nick Friedman 
Nick Friedman stars as Shel Kaphan. Friedman is a known entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the $250M company College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving. He has been in various reality TV appearances, including turning down an offer on the first episode of ABC’S Shark Tank and, most recently, Undercover Boss.

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