Breast Cancer Society of Canada Grants $350,000 To Precision Oncology Research

Recipients announced from 2022 Breast Cancer Research Call for Proposals

Mousumi Majumder -- Photo Credit - The Brandon Sun

SARNIA, ONTARIO, May 25, 2022 – The Breast Cancer Society of Canada (BCSC) today announced the recipients of their first-ever Breast Cancer Research request for proposals. Researchers from across Canada were invited to submit projects last December for funding consideration in 2022 and beyond.

In February 2021, the World Health Organization declared that breast cancer was the most diagnosed cancer worldwide. Approximately 28,000 Canadians will be diagnosed this year. The breast cancer research projects that have been selected for funding will aim to advance screening, detection, precision oncology and patient reported outcomes, enhancing care for Canadians with breast cancer.

“Research has shown us that there are more than 50 types of breast cancer, each with their own unique challenges and demands,” said Kimberly Carson, CEO of the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. “The new research projects being funded will directly impact the lives of breast cancer patients by developing new diagnostic tools and treatment plans that are tailored to the individual, as patient-support is no longer one size fits all.”

The following are the recipients and categories of research that have been selected by BCSC for funding:

Anand Krishnan University of Saskatoon Treatment Research $75,000
Carrie Shemanko University of Calgary Precision Oncology Research $75,000
Mousumi Majumder Brandon University, Manitoba Screening & Detection – Precision Genomics Research $75,000
Melba D’Souza Thompson Rivers University, BC Patient Reported Outcomes $75,000
Jim Xiang University of Saskatoon Precision Oncology Research $25,000
Lisa Porter University of Windsor Treatment Research $25,000

Driven by their vision to end breast cancer, BCSC is committed to funding research projects that will have a direct impact on Canadian patients, focusing on the rapid movement of research findings from lab bench to bedside. As an example, recipient Mousumi Majumder of Brandon University, has been granted $75,000 in funding towards breast cancer screening and detection as part of Precision Genomics Research. Mousumi’s research will focus on genetic contributions to a patient’s health, susceptibility or resilience to disease, and their individual responses to therapeutic interventions.

The BCSC Scientific Committee is driven by funding research that supports breast cancer outcomes for Canadians by funding innovative research and personalized treatment. The goal is to be able to deliver the right cancer treatment, to the right patient, at the right dose, at the right time. The group extends their gratitude to all applicants who submitted a request. The calibre and quality of the applications received was significant and the committee looks forward to funding new projects next year.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada thanks its generous donors who have made the Breast Cancer Research Grant Proposals possible through their contributions.

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