CampNova Announces Top 10 Celebrity Cannabis Brands

CampNova Announces the Top 10 Celebrity Cannabis Brands and you will never guess who is number one!

LOS ANGELESOct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The guessing game of which celebrity cannabis brand is the best is over. CampNova has smoked them all and crowned the top 10 celebrity weed brands. Sponsored by Hellapaxx and Smoke on The Water, the top 10 rankings were formulated by a collective of cannabis influencers and insiders with authentic customer input and special attention to culture.

CampNova Announces the Top 10 Celebrity Cannabis Brands and you will never guess who is number one!

“When it comes to celebrity brands,” Marvin Wilcher, cofounder of CampNova said. “we took our time to understand every celebrity’s vision for the brand with attention to the quality of the flower and products. We know there are more brands out there, but these 10 are our favorites so far.”

During the selection process, CampNova staff held smoke sessions, took edibles, drank cannabis-infused beverages and tried a variety of THC massage, arousal and lubricant oils, topicals and tinctures. The ranking also spotlights a new class of celebrity cannapreneurs who are advocates of cannabis but have also created a high-quality product worthy of regal recognition. Furthermore, CampNova’s listing is non-paid or sponsored by any of the brands spotlighted, which in turn guarantees an honest review without the fluff.

“We’ve been smoking the top ten for the last year. The only problem I had is that we haven’t seen too many women-owned celebrity brands,” Emery Morrison, Co-Founder of CampNova said. “Where are they? We’re looking for them. We want to smoke those brands while empowering women in the cannabis space.”

CampNova’s Best Celebrity Weed Brands

  1. Fryday Kush by Ice Cube
  2. Mirayo by Carlos Santana
  3. GAS by 2 Chainz
  4. Garcia Hand Picked by Jerry Garcia
  5. Cookies by Berner 
  6. Monogram by Jay-Z
  7. Cann featuring Gwyneth Paltrow
  8. 7 Leaves by Matt Barnes
  9. GKUA by Lil Wayne
  10. Gary Payton with Cookie Collaboration

CampNova would also like to know your favorite cannabis brands. To participate in the voting process please email us at Brands that want to be reviewed, email us at For the full story click here


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