Venezuela's president Madura

Perspective: Venezuela Revisited

May 5, 2017 GTA Weekly 0

Jamaica has a moral obligation to tell Venezuela’s president Madura that we do not support any rape of the democratic principle of harassing the Opposition.  There comes a time when you have to tell even […]

President Madura

Perspective: Venezuela and President Madura

May 4, 2017 GTA Weekly 1

The deteriorating political developments in Venezuela is cause for concern.  Jamaica benefits from discounts due to deferred payments and low interest on the deferred payments for 25 years. President Chavez had entered into the San […]

American, Canadian and Mexico flag about NAFTA

Perspective: NAFTA and Trump

May 2, 2017 GTA Weekly 3

Since assuming office president Donald Trump has been embarking on a path that leads to destruction of current relationships.   In his rather strange campaign he ran n the promise to build a wall between […]