City of Toronto officially launches new Toronto For All campaign dispelling notion antisemitism is ‘old news’

Toronto For All campaign dispelling notion antisemitism is ‘old news’

The City of Toronto, with guidance from a Community Advisory Committee, has officially launched a new Toronto For All public education campaign that aims to raise awareness about the realities of antisemitism present in the community today and to help to dispel the notion that antisemitism is ‘old news.’

Antisemitism has been the most reported hate crime in Toronto for more than five consecutive years, according to the Toronto Police Service Hate Crime Unit.

This Toronto For All campaign brings attention to antisemitism in the city and calls on Torontonians to both confront it and eliminate it. The campaign will appear on transit shelters throughout Toronto, on City social media channels and on

The City and the Community Advisory Committee, which is made up of diverse Jewish community members, educators and leaders, engaged in a collaborative and detailed process to develop a meaningful and impactful design concept. The final campaign design highlights that, while many Torontonians may think of antisemitism as a thing of the past, the lives of many Jewish Torontonians are profoundly impacted by antisemitism today. This campaign intends to support people in Toronto in better understanding antisemitism and encourages everyone to have a part in ending it.

Information and resources about antisemitism and what Torontonians can do to end it, are available on the campaign website. The campaign creative can also be seen here

This is the 12th Toronto For All campaign by the City in partnership with various community partners and organizations. The goal of the Toronto For All public education initiative is to start a dialogue among Toronto residents in order to create a city that says “no” to all forms of discrimination and racism. Previous campaigns have focussed on anti-East Asian racism, anti-Black racism, ageism and Islamophobia. Previous Toronto For All campaigns can be found at


“Antisemitism has absolutely no place in our city. We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming place for all. A big part of that is the work we must do to stand up against any and all forms of hatred, discrimination and racism. Our Toronto For All campaigns have helped us create dialogue about confronting these types of hatred and how we can work together to fight these narratives. This campaign has been developed with the community to address an extremely troubling rise in antisemitism and acts of hatred against the Jewish community. I am proud to support this campaign and my hope is that it will help us reduce antisemitism in Toronto so we can continue to create a safe city for everyone.”
– Mayor of Toronto

“I am honoured to have served on the Community Advisory Group for this very important campaign, because it shines a light on the harsh and current reality that antisemitism is prevalent in our city. The advisory group was made up of diverse Jewish community members and leaders who offered their expertise and insights to the outstanding creative team, and who worked together, across and through our differences, and alongside the dedicated staff, to shape this campaign. Antisemitism profoundly impacting the lives of Jewish Torontonians. Therefore, not only are we asking Torontonians to recognize and confront the realities of antisemitism in our city, but also to learn more – and to join us in striving to end antisemitism. Building a city that is free of discrimination is a responsibility we all share to truly create a Toronto for All.”
– Dr. Karen Mock , Human Right Consultant; Educator; Chair Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy

SOURCE City of Toronto

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