Cold on the outside, warm on the inside – Easy tips to rekindle relationships this Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day

As the sweetest day of the year approaches, are you or someone you know starting to sweat? Are the obstacles and challenges in life, let alone your relationships, starting to intimidate you or have a negative effect on your actions? Resist the negativity. Instead, consider some of these creative and easy tips to add a little extra love to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Disconnect to reconnect: Disconnect from technology, smart phones and any device that interrupts. Connect instead with your significant other over a candle-lit dinner, board games, massages, or anything that is nontechnology – at least for one night!

Dance in the moonlight: Turn down the lights and turn up the romance with a playlist of sentimental songs that mean something to your couple. Dance in the living room, singing and reminiscing through the memories. Chances are you’ll spawn some smiles while adding new memories to your relationship.

Sweeten the night: How could we talk Valentine’s tips without talking taste buds? A sweet treat remains arguably one of the very best ways to bring your affection to life. A personalized ice cream cake from retailers like Baskin-Robbins can convey loving words and tangible yumminess. And if you encounter writer’s block, you can even opt for something prepared like the brand’s newest Crazy for You Valentine’s Cake or Love Potion 31 ice cream flavour. There’s a good chance it’ll melt your loved one’s heart.

Spread love: There is nothing better than warming hearts by spreading love. Spread joy and positivity to your loved ones by sending small messages of love and care, telling them why they are special to you. You can even send a card to your closest family and friends with handwritten notes which is sure to bring a smile and warm heart to every recipient.

Regardless of how you chose to sweeten your special day with you special someone, remember that the care and effort you put into the event is what really matters.

SOURCE Baskin Robbins

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