Court ruling acquits Kathleen Wynne associates

GTA Weekly News
Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario

Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Premier can sigh a sense of relief today and possibly slept better last night (24 th October 2017). following the court ruling that acquitted her associates. Wynne had testified at the  bribery trial.

We note the acquittal of the Liberal associates in a well talked about bribery case in Sudbury, On. Canada.

We hope that lessons have been learnt.  We hold no brief for anyone and are happy that justice has been served.  To question the innocence or guilt is secondary when justice has been served  …. could be, in my perspective, mean-spirited. Let us respect the judicial system and accept the results. The court examined all the available facts and ruled.  Canada is not a backward country where the rule of law is not supposed to be respected.

Let us just smart up and not utter any comments that make us look stupid.  We must take the moral high ground … irrespective of our political leaning.  Anarchy is not an option.

What is your perspective?  This is ours. Let us get your feedback. Thanks.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for GTA Weekly newspaper.

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