Daymak’s Boomerbeast 2D AWD Mobility Scooter Has the Longest Range: Up to 100km on Any Terrain

Carry up to 200 lbs with the rear rack, and travel up to 100 km on a single charge with the Boomerbeast 2D Deluxe

TORONTOFeb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Daymak releases the latest version of the Boomerbeast 2D AWD mobility scooter. The updated configuration provides additional range of up to 100km / 60 miles – making it have one of the furthest ranges’ available for its vehicle category. The upgraded dual motors enable the Boomerbeast 2D to go further on a variety of terrain types, making it a dynamically versatile machine.

The Boomerbeast 2D now with front and rear motor. Ride in rain, snow, sand or anything that comes your way!

Designed and developed in Canada, the Boomerbeast 2D provides those with mobility issues a greater sense of freedom. Outdoor exploring or basic travel that seems unfeasible in rougher conditions becomes accessible with the Boomerbeast 2D. The unit’s all-terrain ability is great on dirt roads, snow and pavement. It can be used on a farm, cottage, or beach, and activities like hunting, fishing, golfing and urban city exploring are all possible again.

Daymak Founder Aldo Baiocchi, explains the concept for the vehicle “The Daymak Boomerbeast is more than a mobility scooter. It’s for people who want more out of life and have no limits where they want to go.”

As life expectancy increases around the world, the quality of life in later years becomes essential. Daymak developed the Boomerbeast 2D for those looking for greater convenience and independence in their daily lives.

The BoomerBeast 2D Is Daymak’s Latest Mobility Scooter With All Wheel Drive. Go Green. Go Anywhere. Go further.

The Boomerbeast 2D comes with impressive new features. Conventional mobility scooters feature one motor, SLA batteries, and average ranges around 30km / 15 miles. Daymak’s Boomerbeast 2D sports not only two motors but also can travel up to 50 km / 30 miles on a single charge. You can alternatively go for the Boomerbeast 2D Deluxe which has a 60V 56AH lithium ion battery pack that reduces the weight of the machine, increases the battery longevity and increases the range up to 100 km / 60 miles on a single charge. The Boomerbeast is faster than most mobility scooters, while offering a comfortable ride. The frame of both the Standard and Deluxe models incorporates wide forks to accommodate larger 21” wheels. These wheels are designed to handle off-road/on-road conditions with ease and additional safety. The Daymak Boomerbeast 2D also features LED lights, a speedometer, an odometer, an alarm system, keyless remote starter, an adjustable ultra-comfortable seat, footpegs, front and rear hydraulic discs, a rear rack with a 200lb carrying capacity, and more.

Versatility is the Boomerbeast’s largest asset. With increasing pressure for social distancing and growing health concerns for the population at large, safe and versatile transportation options increase a riders’ independence, convenience and quality of life at any age. Moreover, the Boomerbeast 2D is a zero-emission vehicle. Good for the rider. Good for the planet.

Electric Vehicles Are Lighting Up The Market. 

Electric is in. A recent report from Inkwood Research stated, “The global electric vehicle market is predicted to record growth at a CAGR of 22.18% by revenue, during the years 2020-2028.” Rising awareness about climate change is driving demand for zero-emission travel of all forms. LEV’s are the answer to an industry hungry for change. According to Allied Market Research the market of light electric vehicles is estimated to reach $802.81 billion by 2027.


Ready To Super Charge Your Ride With The Boomerbeast?

Choose Daymak’s Boomerbeast 2D if you want reliable, versatile transportation that can tackle various terrains. It’s an eco-friendly and dynamic choice that has the added benefit of supporting the industry of green-tech.

Daymak’s Boomerbeast 2D starts at $4,999 USD (standard version), and $6,999 (deluxe version). All models are available through the Daymak dealer network. Find out more at

Daymak is actively looking for a SPAC to become a public company to complete the Daymak Avvenire series of products. More information available at  For further information, contact President Aldo Baiocchi at

For dealer distribution enquiries please contact Nick Maalouf, at


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