Doug Ford Takes Control Of COVID 19

The outbreak of the pandemic known as COVID 19 has been hitting political leaders like a ton of bricks. Some have been accused of being slow out of the blocks to respond. Some have been too timid to take tough decisions like shutting down vast areas and curtailing the movement of people to stem the spread of the Corona virus. This cannot be said of Doug Ford who is the Conservative Premier of the most populace province estimated at over 14 million citizens.

Political Pedigree

Premier Doug Ford is from a highly recognized political family. Like Trudeau Doug Ford has name brand recognition. His brother was a very popular politician who died of cancer a few years ago. He was a beautiful human being who was able to bridge the gap breaking down the colour and class barrier. He was loved by all. Doug’s Father was also a politician. His mother who passed recently was the life of the party and a well known socialite.


Doug Ford succeeded Kathleen Wynne as premier and has been distancing himself from her leadership style. Doug is a up in your face guy who is not afraid to take the tough decisions and let the chips fall where they may. A type of no nonsense guy. “Doug shoots from the hip and takes no prisoners” You either like him or hate him. There is no in-between where he is concerned. He has been not afraid to project possible deaths from COVID 19 as projected to him by his advisors. He has been open and upfront. This approach surprisingly has won Doug many friends. A very risky move indeed! Good for him.

Long Term Nursing Home Crisis

There have been a crisis of deaths in these homes across Ontario. He has responded by calling out the army to stem the deaths. The Premier also has temporarily banned Personal Care Workers from working in more than one home. This practice has been believed to be a source of passing on the virus.

Premier Doug Ford has proven to be a decisive and compassionate leader. A true leader of men. Congrats sir!

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is  Senior National Correspondent for Gtaweekly.

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