F1 Racing: Circuit de Monaco, Practice 3

Sergio PEREZ of Red Bull Racing

Good morning, bonjour Canada! Bienvenue a tous! To all fans who are new and to our loyal enthusiasts! It’s sizzling on the street track known as Circuit de Monaco right now.

Welcome to Day 2 of Formula 1 racing Circuit de Monaco. Today will bring more speed laps by drivers asserting the limits around tight barriers and a twisting and nasty street track.

Today will see one more practice run and then we are off to qualifications Q1, Q2, and Q3/ pole positions.  The day will be split into two sessions.

In practice 3, with additional lap times, teams collect more data on their motor racing cars.

Lewis HAMILTON of Mercedes and Yuki TSUNODA of AlphaTauri complained about forceful bouncing on day 1 in their cars known as “porpoising”.  I will explain more about this in my “Special Feature”.

Tyre and brake testing are still being evaluated on the heated street circuit.

In this round seven-race in Monaco, Pirelli the tyre manufacturer provided the teams with the softest tyre “Compounds” C3.  White Hard tyres 2 sets C4, Yellow medium tyre 3 sets and the C5, softest of all the compounds, with 8 sets.

Drivers will need to push the pace and at the same time be very wary of the apex of the curbs around this street track while driving as close to the barriers as possible to maximize speed.

We will have a lookout for all of this during qualification. One centimeter too close to the barrier and bang, into the barrier or off the ramp. This could happen in turn 1 or any of the 19 other bends around this magnificent city. 

Practice 3

It’s 27 degrees Celsius and the sun is shining down on this street track in Monaco. The times are dropping fast lap after lap. Teams and drivers are really pushing the pace mostly on the same soft tyres.

Halfway through the session the top five drivers and times are the Monegasque LECLERC from Ferrari.  VERSTAPPEN and PEREZ from Red Bull Racing.  Followed by SANIZ from Ferrari and GASLY from Alpha Tauri. 

As we near the end of Practice 3, Sergio PEREZ ends with the best time of 1:12.476 a 0.041 second lead over the hometown hero LECLERC.

Practice 3 Timesheet Results

P1 PER 1:12.476 27
P2 LEC 1:12.517 29
P3 SAI 1:12.846 28
P4 VER 1:12.881 29
P5 GAS 1:13.210 22
P6 NOR 1:13.226 19
P7 HAM 1:13.375 26
P8 MAG 1:13.436 24
P9 RUS 1:13;476 24
P10 ALO 1:13.585 23
P11 TSU 1:13.645 25
P12 MSC 1:13.827 26
P13 VET 1:13.838 28
P14 BOT 1:13.849 25
P15 ALB 1:13.882 22
P16 RIC 1:14.104 29
P17 OCO 1:14.260 22
P18 STR 1:14.639 20
P19 ZHO 1:14.861 25
P20 LAT 1;14.910 26

En Sorgini is a Formula 1 analyst and reporter for GTA Weekly News.

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