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Good morning Canada and good afternoon Great Britain. We are back at the 2022 British Grand Prix; Silverstone Circuit for the 10th race of the season. It’s Race Day Sunday at Silverstone Circuit in Great Britain.

The weather has varied all weekend. The track temperature is cooler and the skies are cloudy with a breeze in the air.

This is one of the fastest tracks on the circuits. Look for takeovers and positions in the race to exchange back and forth until the very last lap.

This race will be filled with a lot of speed, takeovers and action.


The Drivers are taking their grid position… the lights go green… the time is ticking down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and they are off 52 laps to go!

On the first Lap, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are both sweeping quickly around, “Abbey,” and “Farm corners” and Verstappen overtakes Sainz. Hamilton overtakes Leclerc as he goes into 2nd. Both Ferrari’s lose their position.

Crash – Race Suspended

Oh!… NO! we have a major incident and it does not look good.  ZHOU gets hit by Russell from the side as he tumbles over and over across the gravel and in between the fence and Barrier. Albon, Ocon, and Tsunoda are in another crash. Wow!

We have a red flag and the race has been suspended until the debris is all clean and the track is safe.

We have word that Zhou and Albon have been taken to the hospital! Stay tuned!

Race Resumes

We are back, no word on the two drivers yet. We have a standing start and the original grid position from the first start.

The lights go off and we are back to racing! Sainz sweeps around the turns and this time Sainz squeezes Verstappen and holds on to 1st place. 

We are starting to see damage on the Red Bulls on the underbelly of Verstappen and the front wing of Perez… those nasty apex Kerbs! 

Lap 10

Here comes Verstappen and Sainz sweeping around the bends at high speed…. Sainz goes off the track almost losing control of his car and Verstappen goes into 1st….  That could have been another nasty incident!

Lap 12

Verstappen pits, loses the lead, and again fits his car with another set of tyres!

Lap 20-25

Lewis Hamilton is on the hunt and closing in fast on the Ferrari… Verstappen again goes into the pits for another set of tyres… He is not having a good day! Sainz also goes in for a set of fresh tyres. Hamilton is closing in on Leclerc and now Leclerc goes in for a set of new tyres and Hamilton takes the lead and the home crowd goes wild.

Lap 30

We just heard over the team radio of Ferrari that Leclerc is told “We are free to fight,” astonishing!

News update, Great news, Zhou has been released from the medical center and is fit and well. Great News!

LAP 43-47

We have a lot of action going on, this race is sensational. Perez is now hunting down Hamilton. Sainz is hunting down his own teammate Leclerc. As we come sweeping around turn 6, the Spaniard takes  the lead from Leclerc and Perez overtakes Hamilton…  Amazing overtaking.

Now Hamilton makes a move around Copse corner, overtakes Leclerc and goes into 3rd. The crowd goes insane!

It’s a brilliant race from these front runners today. An extraordinary race going on with less than 8 laps to go.

Final Lap

On the last lap… flying around the last corner and down the straights, we have… 

  1. Sainz (2:17:50.311)
  2. Perez (2:17:54.110)
  3. Hamilton (2:17:56.536)

Followed by, Leclerc, Alonso, Norris, Verstappen, Schumacher and rounding off the top ten, Magnussen in 10th.

(Special note, both Team Haas drivers finish in the top ten and score points! Well done, Hass!)


“Zhou is conscious, he’s talking, there are no fractures and considering the circumstance, he’s pretty good,” Bottas is told…  says his team paddock.

“I don’t know what to say, it’s amazing. First race win, 150 races later, with Ferrari and in Silverstone. Thank you, everyone, Lewis was on it, I heard, but I managed to hold on, it was not easy, I struggled a lot with the balance on the first stint… all of a sudden, the safety car gave us a chance to get back in it and we did it.” The Spaniard Carlos Sainz, Ferrari

Next up on the circuit is the Formula 1 Rolex Großer Preis Von Österreich race of the 2022 Championship Season on the weekend of July 8th-10th in Australia. 

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