Facebook Messenger launches special series of Canada 150 camera art

Facebook messenger 150 camera art captured by GTA weekly Toronto news

Series features art inspired by notable Canadians such as Ashley Callingbull and the Dufour-Lapointe sisters

Messenger has teamed up with notable Canadians from across the country to launch a series of Canada 150 art for the new Messenger camera. Designed in collaboration with each individual to embody their Canadian heritage, personality and national pride, the series of frames reflects Canada’s diversity and each collaborator’s unique identity. From “My Ocean Playground” to “Tansi” which means ‘hello’ in Cree to “Sorry, it’s raining again,” each frame features a phrase that represents a different part of Canada.

Launched today, the collaboration features frames inspired by:

“The way people are messaging is becoming much more visual, which allows them to showcase their unique personality and creativity. In celebration of Canada 150, we wanted to give Canadians new ways to express their national pride. We’re thrilled to be working with a talented group of Canadians from all over the country to share their experience on Messenger,” said Jennifer Whitley, Creative Director, Messenger.

Download visuals of the Canada 150 camera art series here.

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