Is Xenophobia Rivaling COVID-19 As Another Epidemic In Canada

June 23, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor Dennie |

Racism A Real Problem

As the world is preoccupied with COVID-19, a new epidemic is raising its ugly head not even subtly.

In 2019 there were four reported cases of xenophobia in Vancouver, the capital city of British Columbia. To date there are 29 reported cases.

Asian Attacks

Since the Advent of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a notable increase in reported cases of attacks against persons of Asian descent. GTA Weekly last reported that a 93 year old great grandfather was dragged from a business place and assaulted. The police has been investigating the matter.

Race Relations

They are those who a hell-bent on causing a stir and will dig even to the bottom of a pit to make life unbearable for others for no clear reason. They either hate the colour of your skin or envy what you have achieved. Those bigoted minded losers fail to get educated and in many cases want to live off the state. They prey on the achievers in any society accusing these productive citizens of being the reasons why they are losers. There is therefore the need for leaders and social planners to foster an atmosphere of sound race relations.

Early Start

This must start at home and at the early childhood level in our education system. It has to be taught as if mathematics, science or history. We cannot take it for granted that people of varying backgrounds will coexist harmoniously. That would be a great thing were to happen as day follows night.


Multiculturalism has to be practiced. Each ethnic group must be encouraged and supported to bring their patchwork of their unique talents and traditions and cultural practices to be interwoven to make up the social blanket. We all have something to contribute to the whole. It can be for example:- culinary, dance, poetry, drama, costume or craft items to name a few of the possible inputs each race or ethnic group can bring to make up our society. It can and is an extremely rich mosaic.

No Super Race

Those with the misguided view that they are from a super race are wrong. There is no super race. Hitler was wrong, he organized to exterminate the Jews … he was very wrong. We are all created equal. From dust and to dust we shall return. “Racism is therefore an affront to decency”.

Chemical Warfare

There have been conspiracy theories that the new Coronavirus was manufactured in a lab as part of a scheme or chemical warfare to kill out certain humankind. Well, this may be so but, we are moved only by evidence. A hunch is good, but hard facts or evidence is more appropriate.

Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide

There is also ethic cleansing as was done in Rwanda and now being practiced against the Rwinga people on religious grounds. Some ethnic groups are not even recognized. Taiwan is not recognized by China. To the extreme is Genocide which has also raised its shameful head in regions of the world. We all recall the events in Serbia. The International Criminal Court of Justice (ICC) located in the Hague, Netherlands has issued arrest warrants and suspects have been arrested and convicted for war crimes even Genocide which are considered to be crimes against humanity.


We would hate such atrocities as Genocide to reach Canada. If xenophobia is not frowned on early and allowed to take root, we may never know how deeply ingrained will be race hatred. The time for city leaders to act with seriousness and alacrity to stem this worrying trend and reports of xenophobia is now. Delay is danger. Do not think there can never be Genocide in Canada. We must never say never. Evil can spread like the Fort McMurray fire wiping out even a community in an instance as that fire in Nova Scotia, Canada did. Six million Jews is the quoted figure Hitler is believed to have exterminated at the gas Chambers now known as the Holocaust. The flames of race hatred can fanned and spread by clever folks who are hell-bent on social engineering. They are usually power hungry people of influence who have great oratory skills who can influence and mobilize others to act irresponsibly.

There is this popular saying one sparrow dies not make for spring. This may be true, but what is also true is that from 4 reported cases of suspected Xenophobia cases in 2019 in Vancouver, BC., has now moved to 29 in 2020. This is over a 700 percent in reported cases in a relatively short period of time. How much more evidence do we need to want to urgently stem this tide?

If we may repeat: “Racism is an an affront to decency”. Feel free to disagree. This is our perspective.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National & International Correspondent for GTA Weekly

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