Maple Leafs lose Game 4 on the Road in Tampa Bay, Series tied 2 -2

Snapshot from Jake Muzzin of the Toronto Maple Leafs post game interview May 8th 2022

The Toronto Maple Leafs did not have an extraordinary game on Sunday night in Tampa Bay. In fact, it was one of their worse performances all year and for sure their worst game of the 2022 playoffs.  The game was over in the 1st period.  Tampa Bay put the Toronto Maple Leafs on their heels taking an early 3 goal lead into the first intermission.

The leafs couldn’t really recover from there allowing Tampa Bay to score 2 more goals in the 2nd period.

It was lights out in the 3rd period for the Leafs when Ondrej Palat scored on the empty net and put the game out of reach.  At the end of regulation the Toronto Maple Leafs lost game 4 to the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 3 – 7.  The series is now tied 2 – 2 heading back to Toronto for game 5.

On a positive note, the leafs did regain home ice advantage by splitting the two games in Tampa Bay.

Three Stars of the Game

  1. Ross “The Bull” Colton
  2. Brandon “The Pester” Hagel
  3. William “Wheeler” Nylander


Muzzin had the best quotes this evening. Here’s a few inserts from his post game interview:

“They came out hot, We were on our heels chasing the game. We got down early and it’s tough to come back.”

“We should know that by now. This is our fourth game and we’re taking way too many penalties.”

Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe, put a positive spin on the loss after the 2 game split in Tampa Bay.

“They accomplished their mission by getting a split in Games 3 and 4.”

Well said coach, now let’s get this 1st round behind us. The next 3 games we have home ice advantage.


Leafs in 5, well that gets tossed out the window.

The Maple Leafs will dictate the next game in Toronto and have a different approach than they did in Tampa Bay.

These Leaf players can quiet all the doubters by winning 2 out of the next 3 games. They have skill, speed, team defense and Jack “Soup” Campbell.

I see a different outcome in the next few games, a positive one for the Maple Leafs.

Go Leafs Go!

This is En Sentry Sorgini reporting to you for GTA Weekly News. Stay tuned for my game 5 pregame brief on Tuesday May 10th.



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