Minister of Education calls for Mediation

Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education

TORONTO — Today, Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, issued the following statement calling for mediation in the ongoing labour negotiations:

“My goal, since day one, has been to reach negotiated settlements with our education partners, with the intention of keeping Ontario’s students in the classroom.

While our Government has been a reasonable force and student-focused at the bargaining table, the labour unions continue to take escalating steps towards strike action. Strike action could mean school closures, disruption, and uncertainty for students and parents.

Today, I am offering all education sector unions the option to enter into mediation. I believe this is the right step, as mediation involves an independent third party to assist the unions, trustee associations, and the Government in reaching settlements.

I am asking all our partners to accept this offer so together we can reach deals that keep our kids in class.

As I have always said, my negotiating team stands ready for meaningful, good faith bargaining 24/7, to reach the deals Ontario students and families deserve.”

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