New Drop: Introducing MuchMusic’s Next Generation of VJs

–Six digital creators confirmed to usher in a new era of MuchMusic –
– ICYMI: the all-new MuchMusic is set to relaunch July 7 across multiple digital, content, and social platforms –

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TORONTOJune 30, 2021 /CNW/ – It wasn’t just a dream. Following the news that MuchMusic is relaunching July 7Canada’s most iconic music and pop culture brand unveiled today the next generation of VJs at its helm. Reimagined as a multiplatform network, the all-new MuchMusic will be piloted by six of today’s most exciting digital artists and creators, set to produce content, bring good vibes, creative energy, pop culture expertise, and #MuchLove into a new era of this trailblazing brand.


Meet Kwesi, Georgia, Sadé, Teddy, Myah and Verdah, the new MuchMusic VJs! #MuchMusic #MuchLove

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Canada/World/Universe, click here to meet MuchMusic’s newest VJs:

Verdah Ansari
IG: @justverdah

Things You Should Know About Verdah:

  • Verdah dips her chicken strips in cola and says it is the best way to eat them. She will not be told otherwise.
  • Verdah started designing album cover art during the pandemic due to pent up creative energy and ideas. This outlet quickly became a way for her to help local artists connect stronger visuals to their music.

“To me, MuchMusic is about so much more than just music – it’s an open space for anyone and everyone; a place where different ideas are celebrated and not discouraged. It’s a place where you can tune-in and leave us running in the back but it doesn’t feel like noise – it feels like company.

Myah Elliott
TikTok: @yomrants
IG: @myah.elliott

Things You Should Know About Myah:

  • Myah is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Unpopular Opinions” – but somehow you might end up agreeing with her.
  • The room in which Myah films her content is destined to be in a “Born after 2000 starter pack” meme in two years.

“To me, MuchMusic is the music news hub. If you need to know what’s trending and what’s popular, you are in the right place.”

Georgia Kolev
TikTok: @georgiaksays
IG: @georgiakolev

Things You Should Know About Georgia:

  • Never afraid to crack a joke and show her quirky side, Georgia describes her carefree, creative style as “embracing the embarrassment.”
  • A fan of working out, staying active, being in nature, and going on spontaneous adventures, Georgia also loves music, saying the latter is a unifying topic in which everyone can positively unite in conversation.

“To me, MuchMusic represents fun and inclusivity. It’s a place where people can come together to share their love for music, pop culture, and truly be the most authentic version of themselves.”

Kwesi Kwarko-Fosu
TikTok: @kwedawg
IG: @kwedaman

Things You Should Know About Kwesi:

  • From video games to all genres of music (but especially Rap), to anime, sports, chicken wings (drums > flats), and bubble tea, Kwesi’s list of passions is seemingly endless.
  • Kwesi coached competitive swimming for more than 10 years and he says knowing how to swim is an “underrated skill.”

I grew up with MuchMusic. Trevor Boris’ jokes for days and the reaction videos of Video on Trial were ahead of their time. Watching Rap City, with T-RexXx featuring local artists, meant catching a friend of a friend on an episode or two. I am honoured and we are ready to carry the MuchMusic legacy into 2021 and beyond.”

Sadé Powell
IG: @supersaiyansade

Things You Should Know About Sadé:

  • A self-taught digital artist, Sadé’s works are inspired by her love of music, hip-hop and pop culture, Japanese anime, tattoo art, and mythology.
  • Sadé always open to new adventures, whether it be running a marathon or jumping out of a plane, she is the one to call.

MuchMusic has always been the go-to platform for audiences to feel connected to the music that they love and to discover new artists they may never have heard of otherwise. To me, MuchMusic bridges the gap between musicians and fans, allowing for a deep-dive into who these artists are and the messages behind the melodies.”

Teddy Tong
TikTok: @tedddles
IG: @tedddles

Things You Should Know About Teddy:

  • Teddy is into conspiracy theories, ’90s & ’00s R&B, the wonders of the world, basketball, UFC, and the animal kingdom. He firmly believes that dinosaurs exist today. “Just check out the shoebill stork!”
  • Before making digital comedy, Teddy was studying to become a paramedic, but he took a leap to chase doing what he loved – creating and making people laugh.

“This opportunity still feels surreal to me. When you thought of Toronto and Canada, you thought of MuchMusic. Its cultural impact even reached my dad and mom who were never into TV and pop culture. It is a complete honour to run it back and run it back for good. I am hype to bring my charisma and positive energy to the team.”

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