Push to Reopen Canada’s Economy


There are plans to open up the economy as quickly as possible as the effects of COVID-19 have not been severe in BC.  We caution the city leaders to tread cautiously.  We support the idea to put people back to work as soon as possible as we cannot shut an economy down indefinitely.

Rent Plan For Small Businesses

The Federal government is working on a 75 percent rent plan for small businesses. PM Trudeau announced this plan recently.


We note that Doug Ford is working hard to open the GTA as soon as is possible. Over 1000 Troops have been called in to help out in long term homes where there are 65 percent of deaths in the province from C19. Quebec is not in such a position to consider reopening soon as C19 has hit that province hard.  They also have a very high percentage of deaths in long term homes.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior National Correspondent for Gtaweekly.

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