Poda Provides Update on its Patent Developments Over the Past Six Years

Poda Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd. (CNW Group/Poda Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd.)

VANCOUVER, BCMay 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – PODA LIFESTYLE AND WELLNESS LTD. (“Poda Lifestyle” or the “Company”) (CSE: PODA) (FSE: 99L) is pleased to announce a comprehensive update on its patent developments that have been underway for the past six years.

PODA’s research and development in the Heat-Not-Burn (“HNB”) space commenced in January 2015. After spending years of research and development the PODA zero-cleaning technology was granted a Canadian patent in 2018 with PCT national phase patent entries filed in over 65 additional countries, giving PODA the ability to protect its valuable intellectual property on a global scale. This patent provides PODA with protection based on the patent filings allowing PODA to be the only closed ended cigarette on the market. A closed ended cigarette utilizing HNB heating technology allows for a truly zero clean ashless experience and provides for consistent quality each time a new PODA POD is inserted into the heating device.

“We have spent years of research and development with regards to our Invention and are very pleased to see that our Invention has been granted a patent in Canada. We have filed for patents in 65 other countries and expect U.S.A and European patents to follow in short order now that we have received the Canadian patent,” stated Ryan Selby, PODA’s Chief Executive Officer. “This will protect our Company for many years ahead as we launch PODA into the global marketplace as the first heat-not-burn system that allows users to experience maintenance-free heating of substrates such as tobacco or dried plant material with zero cross-contamination when switching from one substrate to another,” continued Selby.

In Summary PODA has filed numerous patents under PCT as follows:

  • PCT WO 2018/165769 A1 – Closed Bottom Vaporizer Pod – Filed September 20, 2018. Status – patent received in Canada.

  • PCT WO 2020/181358 A1 – Improved Smoking Article – Filed March 11, 2020. Status – patent pending.

  • PCT WO 2019/178698 A1 – Vaporizer capsules and methods of manufacture – Filed September 26, 2020. Status – patent pending.

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