Premier Ford Issues a Joint Statement with Unifor National President

Photo: Premier Doug Ford

TORONTO — Today, Premier Doug Ford and Unifor National President Lana Payne issued the following joint statement on the need for the federal government to invest in jobs in Thunder Bay:

“To protect production, good union jobs and maintain servicing capacity of subway trains in Thunder Bay, we are calling on the federal government to step forward with its share of funding for replacement subway trains for the TTC’s Line 2.

As part of Ontario’s new deal to improve the reliability of transit with the City of Toronto, the province pledged $758 million for new Line 2 subway trains, conditional on the federal government doing its part. The province and city reached this deal over seven months ago, but the federal government has yet to announce its commitment. Thousands of workers in Thunder Bay, where the subway trains are made, and millions of transit riders are depending on the federal government funding its share of the project.

Together, we are calling on the federal government to offer the workers in Thunder Bay the certainty and stability they deserve. It’s time for the federal government to join us in securing the future for workers and transit users.”

SOURCE Ontario Premier’s Office

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