Steven Davidson

Steven Davidson

Steven Davidson, Secretary of the Cabinet, Head of the Ontario Public Service and Clerk of the Executive Council

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  1. Steve Davidson did a stupid thing endorsing stupid report. That report must be immediately banned and thrown into garbage can. As Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun journalist, wrote: “The Ontario public service was the organization that last year put out a report stating as a “fact” that the province’s civil service is built on racism. The report, fully endorsed by Steven Davidson, then the province’s top bureaucrat, said that “the OPS is a White supremacist organization and those at the top have no real desire to see anything change.”
    This new 17-page document on rethinking language is product of Ontario’s Policy Innovation Hub, described as, “an in-house consultancy that partners with ministries to deliver on government priorities.” Apparently, part of the government’s priorities includes dropping phrases like “low-hanging fruit.”
    Are they traitors and same time idiots out there, in government of Ontario? This is who is governing us. Those bureaucrats make hundreds of thousands per year – they do not deserve it! Time for real Canadian patriots to get into government and put end to “political correctness”.

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