Racism in British Columbia


We have long opined that “Racism is an affront to decency” so we think there is no place for such to raise its ugly head especially in Canada. We note on at least two occasions which have reached our pages that racism and or xenophobia have been dished out in B.C. This is most unfortunate as this area is home to many Chinese and Asian immigrants. The recent COVID 19 outbreak so far has claimed only 20 deaths in the province. Of course one death is too many, but when compared with Quebec and Ontario totally over 2200. We can see the marked difference.


We have reported in GTA Weekly an incident in November 2019 when an English speaking Canadian felt insulted at a Drug Mart in BC which was deemed as racist because the shopper had to yell at two employees who were chatting away behind the counter in Chinese and she only spoke English. Were they chatting her? The customer naturally felt ignored. Customers go into a store to be served. The yelling was seen as being racist of the English Canadian. Well we do not share that view. In Canada there are two official languages, English and French. If you serve the public you should be able to speak at least one of the two.

In British Columbia Again

Most recently a 92 year old great grandfather of Asian decent was dragged from a store in BC. The police are trying to find the suspect in this latest case. This was viewed as not only an assault which is a violation of the criminal code, but also as xenophobia. These reports may just be a tip of the iceberg.

Race Relations

There is always need to improve race relations everywhere. When people of different races and cultural backgrounds come to live in one place there are bound to be tensions. It is for the city leaders to be proactive and put in place mechanisms, strategies like public education to help to bridge over these potentially troubled waters and or possible divisions. There is no other workable formula. To wish that it will go away is not straight thinking.

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