Rebranding The Plant: The Stoner DAO Legendary Lifestyle Kickoff Event

NEKTR x hotelFUBU Presents:

LAS VEGASJuly 11, 2022 /CNW/ — We at & hotelFUBU are united under the belief that the entire spectrum of the cannabis plant can bring a sense of connectedness, wholeness and centeredness in this modern world.  We are creating a community that touts daily use of products and services that employ and/or promote the wide range of cannabinoids and terpene profiles that we believe support a “Legendary Lifestyle”. The Stoner DAO highlights that cannabis is much more than just recreation. Web3 tech, gaming, commercial real estate, wellness, hospitality, entrepreneurship, networking, and more converge here in a “Cultured Cannabis” Crypto & Hospitality Investment Community.  This DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will be the vehicle for revenue generation for all members through a network of pro cannabis goods and services that promote/provide psychoactive and/or non-psychoactive cannabis/cannabis support for consumers throughout the day/week depending on their concurrent activities.

The Stoner Dao Legendary Lifestyle Kickoff Event on August 10th is where we will formally launch and establish our Stoner Dao in Las Vegas, Nevada. This “work hard, play harder” international gem of a city is well-known for entertainment, business, hospitality, and most recently cannabis! The event will take place at a sprawling castle-like mansion estate In Henderson, Nevada with an after event on the strip!  This Cannaconference features vendors, services and business networking with open investment opportunities in a 420-friendly environment.  We will formally introduce the community to the Stoner DAO model and roadmap and also hear from very distinguished special guests in the cannabis, crypto/tech, hospitality & wellness spaces.  Keith Berry ; the avid MMA/NFT/Cannabis advocate hosted by HEADTAP LLC, distinguished  Dr. Ken Kelly MD, @Mmemberville and many others.   The foundation and connections made here will springboard us to the week-long 2022 STONER DAO “LEGENDARY LIFESTYLE” CANNABIS CONFERENCE during MJ BizCon in Las Vegas – November 15-19 . This daily after-conference activation will complement the MJBiz Con and provide a space to relax, recreate and reconnect with Stoner DAO members, interested parties, and businesses. Join us for both the August 10th kickoff and our November conference!

NFTs/Marketplace – Active & In progress

The exclusive 2,420 Stoner Punkz NFTs will serve as Stoner DAO memberships. Staking will allow investors to earn Solana through smart contracts currently in development. 100% of Stoner DAO royalties from the collection when fully minted will go back to the DAO members who stake their Stoner Punkz.

Play to Earn Gaming- Active

NEKTR Legendary LEAF, the cannabis NFT play-to-earn mobile game is now available for Android and iOS download at the Google Play and Apple Stores! This game is a key revenue generation tool that will provide profit sharing for Full Stoner DAO Members (Stoner Punkz NFT and NEKTR token Holders).

Commercial Development/Real Estate – Planned

The Stoner DAO-Villa/Resort by hotelFUBU 420 presentation will be exclusive to our August 10th kickoff, debuting our innovative commercial Real Estate hospitality development as an option for additional revenue generation for the DAO treasury.


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