Red Bull Defends as the Red Horse Attacks! Verstappen Wins Montreal Grand Prix

Max Verstappen of Red Bull after winning the Montreal Grand Prix

It was a beautiful day in Montreal for the 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada. The fans were out in numbers and excited to finally see the Montreal Grand Prix again in person.  It has been 2 years since the last time Formula 1 racing was in Montreal due to the Pandemic.

The weather has varied all weekend but today the track temperature was cool, sunny and breezy. This track is unpredictable with long fast straights and two DRS zones that’s the perfect place to overtake and hunt down enemy rivals.

Race Brief

2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada

Max Verstappen had a sensational start and a clean break into turn 1. After two laps “DRS” zones were fully activated. 

Sergio Perez of Red Bull had what sounded like gearbox issues and did not finish (DNF).  No luck for him here in Montreal, he is fighting for a Championship this season alongside his teammate Max Verstappen.

Schumacher, going for his first F1 points, had what sounded like mechanical failure and also did not finish the race.  “I feel bad for him”

Sainz for Ferrari and Max Verstappen of Red Bull. A Red Bull and A Red Horse exchanged leads throughout the race.

Sainz relentlessly tried to attack but it was not enough. After the checkered flag we saw Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing finishing in 1st place with a time of 1:36:21.757.

Sainz of Ferrari finished in 2ND with a time of 1:36:22.750 and Hamilton for Mercedes finished in 3rd with a time of 1:36:28.763.


“He’s lost drive, we think it’s a gearbox issue. Disappointing for Checo, he was quick out there today. Just got to do the best we can Max.” Christian Horner, Red Bull Team Principal

“Great, Great effort guys, thank you so much. The car was a bit better today, let’s keep pushing.” Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

British Grand Prix

Next up on the circuit is the British Grand Prix taking place the weekend of July 1st-3rd.  The F1 Lenovo British Grand Prix is the 10th race of the 2022 Championship season.

Ennio Sorgini is a Formula 1 Analyst with GTA Weekly News.

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