Step Aside Popsicle: Your Day In The Sun Is Over And Rosé Is On The Way

Rose wine pouring in a glass

Barefoot Releases New Survey on America’s Favorite Pink Wine in Honor of National Rosé Day

Barefoot Wine, America’s favorite wine brand, is celebrating this year’s National Rosé Day, June 10, by revealing to Americans how they “think pink” and celebrate Rosé wine! The results are in, and the survey reveals that 58% of Americans are now drinking pink and a majority of Rosé drinkers (91 percent) enjoy their Rosé slightly sweet! In addition, the survey looked at key occasions, and found that Americans love to drink Rosé while relaxing in their happy place nearly as much as they enjoy drinking it to mark a celebration such as Valentine’s Day (55 percent), a birthday party (51 percent) or New Year’s Eve (45 percent).

Now for the fun and more revealing, behind-closed-doors details. Americans drink Rosé while:

  1. Watching TV shows & Netflix Marathons (58 percent),
  2. Reading a book or magazine (55 percent),
  3. Taking a bubble bath (30 percent),
  4. Watching a sports game (32 percent), or
  5. Sun bathing (27 percent)

Why the wide variety of chill out activities? Americans say Rosé’s “refreshing taste” is its biggest draw (56 percent), especially if it’s “slightly sweet.”

While Rosé is a popular celebratory drink year-round (it’s always summer somewhere!), with 66 percent of Rosé drinkers enjoying it all throughout the year, for most Americans (74 percent) that first sip of Rosé truly marks the official start of summer! They also say a glass of Rosé (53 percent) is a more refreshing summer treat than a popsicle (47 percent). So pour yourself a glass of pink to declare it’s summer, and then keep an extra bottle chilled in the fridge all summer long to make sure you’ve always got a refreshing glass waiting! In fact, nine percent of Americans surveyed said they don’t want to share their Rosé. You know who you are… Cheers to you!

Just because it’s pink doesn’t make Rosé a ladies-only beverage. Watch out, beer. Rosé is on the rise! In fact, men (59 percent) are just as likely as women (58 percent) to be Rosé drinkers. And just because it’s believed to be one of the oldest styles of wine in the world, doesn’t mean it’s “out of style” — far from it! Rosé is actually growing in popularity, as the large majority of Millennials ages 21 and above (73 percent) are Rosé drinkers, compared to 56 percent of Gen Xers and 49 percent of Baby Boomers.

How do Americans prefer to enjoy this refreshing pink wine? Most want it straight up, in a wine glass (72 percent), while others are more experimental in their “pinking,” drinking it as a spritzer with club soda (33 percent), mixed into a cocktail (27 percent) or — a true summertime treat — as a “Frosé” frozen slushie (26 percent)!

Barefoot’s California Rosé is the newest addition to its portfolio. This “new style” of Rosé is delightfully sweet — a great fit for the type of Rosé most Americans enjoy! It’s light-bodied, refreshing and fruit-forward, with aromas and flavors of watermelon, strawberries and sweet cherries. Whether it’s blended in a tasty Frosé or as a refreshing Berry Rosé Lemonade, there are so many great ways to enjoy this delightfully sweet pink drink in style!

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