Spin Master Taps Hottest Toy Trends for 2021 Lineup From Stress Reducing Activities to Fashionable Fun

Spin Master Reveals 2021 Toy Line Up (CNW Group/Spin Master)

TORONTOFeb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Spin Master Corp. (TSX: TOY) (www.spinmaster.com), a leading global children’s entertainment company, leveraging its unique understanding of play, reimagines fun with an innovative portfolio of toys, games and activities for 2021. With award-winning franchises, highly sought after licenses and trailblazing new intellectual property, Spin Master’s 2021 line up taps into the hottest toy trends and pushes the boundaries of creativity.

“Each year our diverse portfolio is rooted in play trends, dictated by those most important to us – the kids!” said Chris Beardall, Spin Master’s President of Toys and Chief Commercial Officer. “For 2021 we’re delivering activities that inspire feel-good fun, fashion inspired toys that double as accessories and of course next level transformations to name a few. With Spin Master’s deep understanding of play and knack for innovation, we believe this year’s portfolio will surely make life more fun.”

Kick back and relax with these stress-reducing and emotional-supporting toys and activities that will release those good-for-you endor-funs.

  • From the 2020 NPD bestseller in two categories and TOTY nominated Kinetic Sand® brand, comes the Sandisfactory Set™. Inspired by the ASMR trend and popular play patterns online, dig deep into the ultimate satisfying playset that features clear tools that allow you to watch the mesmerizing effects as they happen. With ten tools/molds, four colors and 2 lbs of sand included, you can flow, mix and cut for surprise reveals. Fall 2021, Age: 5+, SRP: $19.99

  • Raise those endorphins as you bounce, slice and squish in oh-so-satisfying ways with the new Orbeez #Challenge™. Driven by the popular social media trend, the first-ever Orbeez playset comes with six tools and 2,000 OrbeezFall 2021, Age: 5+, SRP: $24.99

  • Brand new from the GUND® brand, meet Kissy The Penguin™, a soft and sweet animated baby penguin that loves to blow kisses to her friends and teach little ones how to give them back. Press Kissy’s feet to hear her sing and move her wings or play an interactive kissing game. Spring 2021, Age: 0+, SRP: $40.00

  • Perfectly at peace and incredibly soft the Sleepy Eyes™ Owl Soother from the Baby GUND® brand lulls your little one to sleep as the owl’s adorable eyes slowly close and its body gently glows, providing the perfect atmosphere for sleep time. With two modes featuring soft melodies and soothing sounds, choose 20 minutes of continuous play for your little one to drift off into dreamland. Fall 2021, Age: 0+, SRP: $35.00

  • Find your inner peace…by piece with Calm™ Mindful Meditation Puzzles. In partnership with the #1 sleep and meditation app Calm, tap into a greater mindfulness while lowering stress and improving your mood as you complete these puzzles. Also included; a 30-day free trial to the app that unlocks with every purchase. Spring 2021, SRP: $15.00

  • Dive into relaxation with the Swimways™ brand Spring Float™, the incredibly comfortable, fabric-covered floats that now feature brand new, patent-pending, Hyper-Flate Valve™ technology. Our unique, Hyper-Flate Valve is engineered to increase airflow, inflating and deflating 3x faster. Spring 2021, Age: 15+; SRP: $14.99$49.99

The Game Changers
The games category saw a significant boost in 2020, as the global pandemic that forced people to spend more time at home led families to rediscover the joy of united play. Spin Master ups the ante for 2021, delivering more family-time moments, friendly competition and brain-bending challenges.

  • For those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind enter Jumanji Deluxe™, a new interactive and immersive adventure every time you play. Work together to stay alive and complete the challenges as you trek through the jungle. Press the dome and await your fate as it glows to reveal a riddle or event, it is a mystery. Fall 2021, Age: 8+; SRP $49.99

  • Raise the stakes in the ultimate family showdown game, Beat the Parents™. Create your own wagers – will it be parents doing the kids’ chores or ordering in pizza for dinner? Compete through rounds of questions or hilarious physical challenges to see who wins. Fall 2021, Age: 6+; SRP: $15.99

  • Two mind-challenging puzzles unite in Rubik’s® Perplexus™ 3×3 puzzle. Roll the steel ball to the start and twist the Rubik’s Perplexus to align the tracks and maneuver the ball through the inner maze; complete the maze and you solve the cube. Build problem-solving skills through challenging and engaging gameplay. Spring 2021, Age: 8+; SRP: $19.99

  • Play, delivered to your doorstep. From the award-winning Toca Boca® studio comes Toca Life Box™, a monthly subscription box that celebrates the power of play with creative and do-it-yourself activities that are full of fun and silliness. February 24, Age: 6+; SRP $19/month. Subscribe at tocalifebox.com.

Next Level Transformations
Expect the unexpected with these new toys that feature jaw-dropping stunts and innovative transformations.

  • Reach new heights with the Air Hogs® Jump Fury™ vehicle, the first and only indoor RC that can jump up to 22 inches into the air. With a super lightweight design, you can catch extreme air and perform epic stunts driving over and jumping off anything. The innovative performance wheels won’t scratch surfaces, so it’s safe to play indoors. Fall 2021, Age: 4+, SRP: $39.99

  • Monster Jam® introduces Grave Digger® Freestyle Force™ RC. Featuring all-new wheelie balancing technology, the Grave Digger Freestyle Force allows you to drive and perform wheelies on both the back and front wheels. From nose spins to front flips, switching between beginner or advanced mode allows fans of all ages to master epic stunts. Fall 2021, Age: 4+; $59.99

  • Get ready for adventure after adventure after adventure with the Batman® Bat-Tech Transforming Batcave™, a child-size figure (measuring over 30 inches tall) that transforms into a playset. With 10 different areas to play, the set features interactive sounds activated by the elevator that goes up and down through the levels. The playset is compatible with the 4-inch figures and comes with an exclusive Batman figure. Fall 2021, Age: 4+, SRP: $99.99

  • Set to debut on Netflix on April 15, the third season return of the action adventure series, Bakugan®: Geogan Rising™, sees the introduction of all-new Geogan characters. The toy line features these mysterious characters with new shapes, faction symbols and awesome translucent details, each with their own unique transformation and extra battling power. Spring 2021, Age: 6+, SRP: $9.99-29.99

Fandom Fever
Magical characters, professional athletes and animated BFFs transcend the screen entering playrooms for more adventures and fandom fun.

  • Enter the Wizarding World™ franchise with Spin Master’s collection of spellbinding toys including the Magical Minis Hogwarts Castle™ Playset. Relive the excitement of the hallowed halls, featuring interactive lights, sounds and magical elements for spellbinding adventures with Hermione and friends. Fall 2021, Age: 5+; SRP $59.99

  • Go full throttle and recreate the action from live Supercross™ events with the Race & Wheelie™ Feature Bike. With rev-up performance, tilt the rider’s helmet forward for straight-line speed or backward to pop into an epic wheelie. The package can even be transformed into a ramp to recreate jumps just like at the main event! Fall 2021, Age: 4+; SRP: $8.99

  • From the Netflix original series, produced by DreamWorks Animation, bring the world of Gabby’s Dollhouse™ home with a true-to-show Dollhouse Playset that measures over 2 feet tall, Deluxe Rooms (sold separately) that allow you to build and expand the dollhouse and of course Gabby’s signature Magical Musical Ears™ and Talking Pandy Paws™ Fall 2021, Age: 3+; SRP: $3.99$59.99

  • The pups are headed for the big screen in PAW Patrol: The Movie™, which also means all new toys inspired by the feature film! Fall 2021, Age: 3+; SRP: $1.97$149.99

Play with Fashion
Bring your looks to life with fashion forward toy-ccessories, sure to add that extra bit of glam.

  • From the makers of Go Glam Nail Salon™, Cool Maker™ introduces Shimmer Me Body Art™, the DIY studio that allows you to completely customize and apply flawless body art with metallic foil, glitter and gems. The innovative roller lets you magically transfer beautiful iridescent foil directly onto the body to create shimmer designs. It is as easy as, stick it, roll it, glitz it and rock it. Fall 2021, Age: 8+; SRP: $24.99

  • For the first time ever create your very own Twisty Petz™ animal with the Twisty Kit™. Each kit comes with over 60 beads to create and customize five animals including, four charms, a beader set up tray and reusable packaging. Fall 2021, Age:5+; SRP: $14.99

Oh Baby Baby
We’ve got baby fever with adorable baby themed interactive plush, dolls and collectibles to love and nurture.

  • Peek-A-Roo™ is an adorable interactive plush animal with an innovative pouch that magically reveals a baby inside. How you play with Peek-A-Roo influences the baby’s mood. Play together with Peek-A-Roo and Baby-Roo to discover how they sing, dance and cuddle together. Fall 2021, Age: 5+; SRP: $59.99

  • The Hatchimals® Colleggtibles Shimmer Babies™ have arrived in Neon Nursery. Discover a new hatching reveal with new iridescent shimmer Hatchimal Babies that are full of surprises, complete with wing colors that tell you their birth month. Ready to take care of the new arrivals are Hatchimals® Pixies Babysitters™, hatch the heart to reveal their hangout. Fall 2021, Age: 5+; SRP: $2.99$19.99

  • Wrapped up in mystery blanket bundles, the adorably quirky, plush Magic Blanket Babies™ magically unbundle themselves. Swaddled in their magical interactive blankets, these babies respond to your touch with cute reactions and sounds. With over 80 sounds and interactions, feed, burp, snuggle and more. Fall 2021, Age: 3+; SRP: $29.99

Spin Master will be hosting virtual media previews on Tuesday, March 16 and Wednesday, March 17 2021. To request an appointment please contact mediarelations@spinmaster.com.

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