Stella Artois Canada survey finds 77% of Canadians have taken action to improve their quality of life, since onset of COVID-19

The brand spotlights the value of investing time in meaningful ways in new campaign “Heartbeats Billionaire” featuring Grammy-Award winning rock musician, Lenny Kravitz

TORONTOMarch 9, 2021 /CNW/ – Every single one of us is born with around 2.5 billion heartbeats to spend over a lifetime. If heartbeats were currency, we’d all be billionaires. But with such a vast fortune, how will you spend them? The latest global campaign by Stella Artois, “Heartbeats Billionaire”, encourages Canadians to invest their heartbeats in the things that matter most: time with each other.

Becoming a true Heartbeats Billionaire is more timely than ever, as it appears Canadians are already taking the initiative to re-evaluate and reinvest their time. To reinforce the campaign, Stella Artois Canada released an Ipsos Survey, leading up to the one year mark of the initial COVID-19 lockdowns across the country. Evidently, this significant change to our reality triggered a shift in Canadians’ mindset, when it comes to “who” and “what” holds true value in our lives. The “Heartbeats Billionaire” campaign helps inspire Canadians to think about their personal values a little differently, so they can reinvest their time on the things that are most important. To further support the global campaign, Stella Artois collaborated with Grammy-Award winning rock musician, Lenny Kravitz, in a 360 ad spot appropriately titled, “Heartbeat Billionaire”.

“This life is short, and while the average person is given the opportunity to live through 2.5 billion heartbeats, each one is special and should be treated as such,” said Lenny Kravitz. “It’s a very powerful message and it comes at a very special moment for everyone to pause and marvel at life’s true riches – our time with each other.”

The survey revealed consumer insights in support of the “Heartbeats Billionaire” campaign theme, with respondents sharing that they are placing greater priority on friends and family, hobbies, and time outdoors, and less priority on their professional life since the start of the pandemic.

Survey findings concluded:

  • Fewer Canadians (19%) now say their work comes first compared to pre-COVID-19 (26%)
  • 31% of respondents are taking action to prioritize their relationships with friends and family
  • 1 in 3 respondents say they’re having more video calls or activities with their loved ones

As we near one year since the initial pandemic lockdown, Stella Artois Canada encourages everyone to pause and consider investing their heartbeats in the people and communities that matter most. Because in actual fact these are the things that make life feel rich. One way to do this is by using the Rally for Restaurants platform, which supports Canadian communities and local restaurants, while allowing people to share a meal with their loved ones.

“It is clear that people are reprioritizing the things that are most important to them, which is encouraging after a difficult year for many,” says Mike Bascom, Senior Marketing Director, Stella Artois Canada. “We want to encourage Canadians to continue on this path, by inspiring people to spend their time, their heartbeats, on life’s pleasures and creating meaningful memories. This is why Stella Artois continues to support the Rally for Restaurants program – what better way to invest in your community and the important people in your life, than by sharing a meal with those in your bubble, or virtually. To make it even more meaningful, local restaurants are being supported at the same time.”

Visit today to purchase a gift card that can be enjoyed, safely, with family or friends, while supporting local restaurants.

SOURCE Stella Artois

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