Max Verstappen of Red Bull

We are back in Montreal, Canada for Qualifications Q1, Q2 and Q3 in the 2022 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Drivers are racing for pole position and placement on the grid for “Race Day Sunday.”

This the second half of the day is the most adrenaline-charged in sense of pure racing speed at its best.

Qualifying will take part in three sections Q1, Q2 & Q3.

Qualifying for pole position is as follows; 

  • The top 15 of 20 racing cars with the quickest time advance into Q2.
  • The top 10 of 15 racing cars remaining advance to Q3
  • Pole position will be decided by the top ten fastest times. 

Quote of the day

“Everything to play for in a track that’s’ rapidly evolving.” Christian Horner, Red Bull Team Principal

Qualification Brief 

Montreal Grand Prix 2022

We are back for the main event of the day. It is pouring out onto the track and we could be in for an insane Q1, Q2 and Q3.

Waiting on the green light, and away they go. Visibility is an issue so far. The pace is on and times are dropping fast as we see the first 5 drivers eliminated from Q1.  Vettel, Gasly, Tsunoda and the two Canadian Drivers, Stroll and Latifi are out.

The break is over and the racing cars are back onto the track for Q2.  We have a green light. And they are off…

It is getting dangerous out there! Drivers are all over the track, Oh! Know! Red flags are out. Albon from Williams crashed into the barriers and Perez from Red Bull Racing slides right off the track and onto the grass. He is now stuck in the grass and cannot reverse.

Looks like Intermediate tyres “ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO!”

Eliminated in Q2, Albon, Perez, Bottas, Norris and Leclerc.

Onto Q3, top ten grid position to via for and “pole position”

We have a green light and the chaos begins. The track is still evolving and wet chicanes are going to be bumpy to navigate with pace as the track is slowly drying up.

It is getting frantic out there now…  an all-out push for the fastest pace! Secs away from closing Q3.

Montreal Grand Prix 2022

Max VERSTAPPEN sets a time of 1:21.299 and takes pole position. Here comes ALONSO and yes the Alpine driver is on the front row and comes in 2nd with a time of 1:21.944. Followed by SAINZ of Ferrari in 3rd with a time of 1:22.096. 

Note; Haas has both drivers in the top ten, MAGNUSSEN 5th and SCHUMACHER 6th, Mercedes HAMILTON 4th, and RUSSELL 8th, and the second Alpine driver Ocon in 7th.

This is Sensational, completely unexpected and it will make for a great race on Sunday.

We shall see!

Stay viewed for tomorrow’s race. Coverage begins at least 30 mins before the race. Our start time is 2:00 pm eastern time zone in the USA and Canada, See you then!

Ennio Sorgini is an F1 Analyst with GTA Weekly News

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