Max Verstappen after winning the 2022 Italian Grand Prix

It was a sell-out gathering at the Temple of Speed in Monza, Italy for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix. It was quite a sight to see as all day long fanatic Ferrari fans in their yellow and red colors chanted their war songs in celebration of the Prancing Red Horse “Ferrari.”

It was a good jump from the beginning of the race for the prancing horses only to have the Red Bull Racing team outwit them once again.

It took Verstappen less than five laps to move from the seventh, upper middle field to second on this devilishly speedy track.

The Red Bull straight-line speed had been the difference all season and it showed again in Monza, Italy this weekend.

I have to say, Ferrari had a better understanding of their tyre strategy and pit stops today than last week but it was not enough for a win.

It was a horse and bull game all day matching strategies and competitiveness. Many overtakes by the drivers and many pit stops made a fun race to watch and enjoy. It was great to see all the action coming from all three fields, in the front, the midfield and the back of the field.

It is the genius of the design of the track that allows drivers to overtake and fly down the straights.

In the “Last Lap” of the race under a yellow flag, Max Verstappen won his fifth in a row and swept Europe with a time of 1:20:27.511 to top the podium in Monza, Italy.

In 2nd, Leclerc of Ferrari finished with a time of +2.446s and in 3rd on the podium was Russell of Mercedes finishing with a time of +3.405s. In 4th was Sainz of Ferrari and in 5th was Hamilton of Team Mercedes to round up the top five.


“We had the faster car; we would have liked to have won the race not behind the safety car. We had to pit Perez earlier as he had a flat spot, then there was debris that got into his brake duct. It was a good recovery from him today.”

Next Up

Next up on the F1 calendar, we swing over to Asia for the 17th and 18th races of the season in Singapore and Japan.

We could see Max Verstappen of  Red Bull Racing put the championship season out of reach for Leclerc and Perez and win the overall title for the 2022 Formula 1 season.

The Singapore Grand Prix goes from September 30th – October 2nd, 2022. 

The Honda Japanese Grand Prix goes from October 7th-9th, 2022.

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