Tracking the Eglinton LRT: Construction Works at Laird Station

Laird Station

Construction Works at Laird Station

Crews are working to finalize hydro utility works for the construction of the future Laird Station. A rolling lane closure in the westbound curbside lane on Eglinton Avenue East, from Brentcliffe Drive to Laird Drive will be required for this work. During work close to Brentcliffe Drive and Don Avon Drive, local traffic restriction(s) will be in place and flag persons will be on site. This work will take up to two weeks to complete as crews move through the area, approximately 30 minutes at each location.

Excavation continues at both the main and secondary entrance sites. The first phase of long-term road occupancy, crosswalk and sidewalk closure is scheduled to begin later in March. Short term lane closures will continue as crews finish telecommunication utility relocations and site service connections in the vicinity of Eglinton Avenue and Laird Drive.
View of support braces in the Laird main entrance site.
Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring 

Installation of above ground and in-ground monitoring points, which evaluate the impact of construction works, will take place periodically in the vicinity of Eglinton Avenue and Laird Drive. Monitoring points are located on Eglinton Avenue from east of Sutherland Drive to west of Brentcliffe Road and on Laird Drive from south of Donlea Drive to Parklea Drive. The installations and readings will occur periodically for the entire duration of the project.
Before and after picture of a monitoring point being installed in the area of Avenue Road and Eglinton Avenue
Construction 101: What is shallow excavation? 

Once, crews have finished shoring – installing large steel beams (called soldier piles) vertically deep into the ground at regular intervals along the perimeter of the station and the station’s entrance, shallow excavation can begin. Shallow excavation is completed level by level with further braces and ties backs fixed along the sides to provide additional support. This is then followed by deep excavation (between 20 to 25 metres) at each site.
Piling – installation of secant piles (underground concrete columns) used to support a foundation of a structure at Avenue Station.

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