445 Police Recruits Successfully Complete Basic Constable Training

Police recruits

Innovative Program Creates Provincewide Standards for Policing

AYLMER — The Ontario government is proud to congratulate the second graduating class for 2019 from Ontario’s Police College.”Ontario’s police officers are true, everyday heroes,” said Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General. “Today’s graduates will keep Ontario families safe, and work to protect our communities by standing up for victims and helping to ensure criminals are held accountable for their actions.”

Today’s graduation marks the first important milestone in the career journey of a police officer: the successful completion of basic constable training. During this 12-week training program, recruits learn how to prevent crime, assist victims, maintain public order and respond to emergencies.

Police officers have a vital responsibility to keep Ontario communities safe. That’s why recruits who successfully complete the program transfer to the training academies of their respective police services in local communities across the province for further learning.

“I would like to congratulate all 445 officers graduating today for their hard work and commitment to protecting the public,” said Jones. “As you move to the next chapter of your career, know that you can count on our government to provide you with the tools and resources you need to keep our communities safe.”

Quick Facts

  • The OPC has been training new police hires since 1962.
  • The basic constable training program is delivered by OPC three times a year.
  • Since September 2018, 1,212 recruits have completed the program.

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