advertience Inc. Announces New Business Intelligence (BI) Platform that Measures Media Impact on Sales

TORONTONov. 10, 2017 /CNW/ – Toronto-based start-up, advertience Inc., announces the release of Galileo (BETA 3.0), a business intelligence platform designed to enable marketers and their agencies leverage, analyze, and share data to measure digital advertising impact on sales.

Demand for Transparency

For the first time, digital marketers are able to gain a holistic view of their marketing investments and its return on their business. By harmonizing sales data with in-market digital advertising performance, Galileo presents a visualization of results and insights within a single, comprehensive, and intuitive application.

Inspired by the demand from marketers for greater transparency and quantification of Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS), Galileo has been developed and delivered as a SaaS cloud-based platform to enable secure sharing of data between a marketer’s sales and transaction data sources, their advertising agencies’ media applications, and verified third-party audience data solution providers. Galileo’s proprietary data mapping algorithms connected directly to advertising applications such as Search, Social, and Programmatic, among others, will enable real-time performance measurements by Channel, Creative, Analytics, Audience, and Sales.

“The challenges that exist within the digital marketing industry today can only be overcome by focusing on what truly matters to marketers – greater transparency and the measurement of sales”, said Raymond Reid, Founder & CEO of advertience. “Galileo is designed as a solution to address what truly matters.”

Data Solution Partnerships

advertience has also established partnerships with trusted Canadian third-party audience data solution providers to empower marketers to better segment, analyze, and profile existing and potential customers. Data, such as demographic and socio-economic segmentation, credit risk scores, and e-commerce shopping behavior, will help marketers identify audiences with the greatest potential to purchase their products and services.

“Marketers and agencies currently purchase and append third-party data segments to their digital advertising campaigns without any validation of the source or accuracy of these data segments. Through our Data Solution partnerships, Galileo provides marketers the ability to overlay verified Canadian third-party audience data with their first-party customer data and the audiences targeted and acquired through their media channels”, said Reid.

After two years in quiet development, Galileo is now currently being used by marketers across vertical industries including retail/e-commerce, financial services, travel and tourism, and non-profit.

About advertience Inc.

Bridging the Art & Science of Advertising.

advertience Inc. is a bespoke analytics and data marketing solutions firm that empowers marketers with the ability to maximize the value of their data from strategy through to activation. Founded in 2015, advertience Inc. is headquartered in Toronto

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