Artificial Intelligence will transform how businesses reach out to customers artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to profoundly change businesses and by extension, the lives of people.

Poder.IO the start-up company that aims to transform how companies discover, connect and communicate with today’s audiences through Artificial Intelligence, announced today the opening of its headquarters in Miami.

“Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing businesses as it increases the efficiency of the digital marketing and sales strategies in companies, integrating all possible sources of information to suggest new business strategies,” said Jorge Pena, Founder and CEO of Poder.IO.

Poder.IO’s proposal is unique and visionary: it uses AI to predict real-time audience behavior patterns through large-scale data management. This solution solves the problems that executives and marketers encounter when it comes to finding business opportunities and optimizing the use of their data, marketing efforts and increasing sales.

According to Pena, AI has immense potential for industries today, becoming the key to the treasure amassed by business: big data. “Many organizations collect millions of data points, but very few know how to properly activate or use this information to be more efficient in the market in which they operate. Artificial Intelligence comes to give these companies greater intelligence about their data and suggest what to do with it, allowing them to better understand their customers and opening up thousands of possibilities to deliver what they need at the right time, with the right message, for the proper channel and device”.

Poder.IO is the AI company that gives companies unprecedented power for decision making by discovering patterns of behavior of audiences in real time, through the management of data on a large scale. It is a unique technological initiative, which integrates artificial intelligence into big data and programmatic buying, to manage personalized audiences accurately and effectively for the benefit of its clients.

Its co-founder, Diego Paramo, is an experienced former Google employee with a deep understanding of online advertising technologies and markets.

Poder.IO has offices in 4 countries: United States, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, and offers intelligent solutions in the tourism, finance, retail, consumer packaged good, tech and education industries.


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