Bradford to Province: Reign In Rogue Agency Before Metrolinx Wreaks Havoc Across City with New Ontario Line Construction

Brad Bradford delivers campaign announcement on Public Transit

TORONTO – With Queen Street set to close on Monday for 5 years, Brad Bradford is calling for the head of Metrolinx to be held to account and for a provincial guarantee the Eglinton Crosstown chaos, dragging on with real costs to the people of this city, won’t repeat itself with the Ontario Line and kill a critical downtown artery and downtown vibrancy with it.

“Toronto has been jerked around by other levels of government for too long,” said Brad Bradford. “If a head of a municipal division had the same record of failure as the head of Metrolinx, as Mayor I would replace them. I am calling on the provincial government to reign in this rogue agency and fire Phil Verster.”

The province needs to put someone in charge who can actually get the job done. The people of Toronto deserve transparency for Metrolinx’s mismanagement of the Eglinton Crosstown construction and guarantees from the province this disaster will not be repeated downtown.

As Mayor of Toronto, Brad Bradford will act to get Toronto the respect it deserves as the beating heart of this province.

“For the average working person, if they don’t perform and consistently blow their targets, they don’t get a raise and may even lose their job,” Brad said. “So why should it be any different when it comes to the Metrolinx CEO, who’s getting big raises year after year while Crosstown construction chaos wreaks havoc on Toronto?”

SOURCE Brad Bradford Campaign

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