Bradford Vows to Keep Property Taxes at or Below Rate of Inflation

Bradford Vows to Keep Property Taxes at or Below Rate of Inflation

TORONTO – With the cost of living at record highs and mortgage payments skyrocketing, Brad Bradford announced this morning that as mayor, he will make affordability a top priority and is vowing to keep property taxes at or below the rate of inflation.

This commitment is part of Brad Bradford’s less talk, more action leadership to make life more affordable and ensure Toronto is a fantastic place to live, work, and raise a family.

“Families are struggling to make ends meet and I am going to help them,” said Brad Bradford. “Torontonians are being asked to do more with less in this cost of living crisis in an effort to stretch a dollar further. There is no reason why the same principle should not apply to the government at City Hall.”

The public service at City Hall has grown 25% since 2017, with little in the way of accountability:

  • Garbage and recycling bins are overflowing

  • Public drinking fountains are out of service

  • Snow clearing is slow and sloppy

  • Playing fields, recreation centres, ice rinks, and pools are in a state of disrepair

“Olivia Chow thinks the answer to Toronto’s problems is to demand you pay higher taxes,” said Bradford. “I disagree. That’s the wrong approach.”

“The people you pay with your tax dollars are not going above and beyond, for you. In every other walk of life, leaders have clearly defined goals and objectives to measure their performance. That’s why as Mayor, I intend to bring a culture of leadership and accountability to City Hall.”

As Mayor, Brad will publicly issue mandate letters to the heads of municipal divisions and departments to ensure that Torontonians’ needs are met, without raising their taxes.

SOURCE Brad Bradford Campaign

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