Build the Ultimate Gift Basket for Dad

Don’t get caught empty handed--build the ultimate gift basket for Dad at Rabba Fine Foods

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Father’s Day is here and even if you’re caught empty handed, without a gift, it’s never too late to pull off a show of appreciation for the fatherly figure(s) in your life. In most neighbourhoods in the GTA, there are usually local retailers nearby like Rabba Fine Foods, that have everything you need for dad in one stop and open 24/7 for the last-minute shoppers.  This year, your neighbourhood market has lots to choose from. Easily create the ultimate gift basket for Dad, lottery tickets, beef jerky, Father’s Day card, snacks, charcoal for the BBQ or his favourite candy or chocolate. Why not grab him some flowers too!

Some of our go-to favourites include:

BBQ ideas

Who doesn’t enjoy a good BBQ? Set up your paternal pride and joy with Roadhouse burgers, Schneider’s hot dogs, Ace brioche buns, Cracker Barrel cheese slices and Frank’s Red Hot BBQ sauce – alone or in combination depending on your numbers. Don’t forget to pick up charcoal for the BBQ too.

Snacks for dad

Are snacks ever a bad idea? Nacho Cheese Doritos , Great Canadian Meat beef jerky and Pop Daddy pretzels are just a few of the snacks available throughout the year that fit well in a basket.

Unique drinks

Ginger beer mixes well with dad’s favourite liquor or can be sipped on its own. The Great Gentleman is on feature in time for Father’s Day. Reign energy drinks will keep dad’s taste buds fully charged on his big day.

Hot sauce

Some dads love to put hot sauce on everything. Rabba has a variety of hot sauces that are perfect for a gift basket. Pick a brand that reflects more closely the recipient of your love – Tabasco Sauce, Piri Piri Sauce options or the Siracha/Tabasco combined flavour.

As with all of the observances and special days in the calendar, make sure to spread the love generously and tenderly. Somehow, the seeds of TLC will grow, even if you’re late to the party.

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