Canada-Wide Class Action Launched in Court Today Against Ticketmaster and Live Nation

CALGARY, Jan. 26, 2018 /CNW/ – Merchant Law Group LLP today launched a national class action litigation against Canada’s two leading online ticket sellers: Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

The Ticketmaster class action follows swiftly on the heels of a Competition Bureau of Canadainvestigation which found that Ticketmaster and Live Nation employ deceptive marketing practices, including the practice of “drip pricing” where consumers pay higher prices than advertised, due to Live Nation/Ticketmaster’s mandatory fees which often inflate the price of a sporting event or concert ticket by more than 20 percent, and in some cases by more than 60 percent.

More details from the Competition Bureau investigation are available at

“On Friday, Merchant Law Group launched a class action litigation which seeks compensation and repayment to affected Canadian residents for all improperly collected fees, due to drip pricing techniques used by Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Canadians always expect to pay the price advertised, whether it’s for buying groceries or tickets to a concert. Ticketmaster and Live Nation collected these fees by advertising a much lower price for tickets, then jacking up the price,” commented Tony Merchant, Q.C.

“This case is particularly egregious given the dominant position which these companies hold over online ticket sales. When you consider the millions of sales transactions done by Ticketmaster in Canada each year, the magnitude of this class action becomes clear. Our plaintiff, Micheal Lindenbach, estimates that in the last five years, he has paid more than $1,000 overall in drip fees,” stated Mr. Merchant.

Any Canadians who have used Ticketmaster and Live Nation to purchase event tickets, may provide their contact information at a website which also provides further details of the Ticketmaster/Live Nation class action litigation.

Copies of the issued class action lawsuit are available, upon media request.

SOURCE Merchant Law Group

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