Celebrating 40 Years of Foodland Ontario

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Buy Local, Boost the Economy and Enjoy the Good Things Grown in Ontario

For 40 years, Foodland Ontario has been making it easier for families and consumers to identify and enjoy Ontario’s locally-grown and harvested foods. By buying local, you are helping boost the economy, create good jobs and strengthen Ontario’s agri-food sector.

Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, was at Longo’s grocery store today to mark Foodland Ontario’s 40th anniversary and encourage customers to explore Ontario’s 200 diverse, locally-grown foods.

Foodland Ontario helps connect Ontarians to local food while offering a range of nutritious recipes that make it easier to cook delicious meals using local ingredients. Over the years, Foodland Ontario has also partnered with thousands of Ontario producers, processors and retailers across the province to help consumers better identify Ontario foods in the marketplace.

You can help celebrate Foodland’s 40th anniversary:

  • Celebrate local: Check out 40 ways to celebrate local food by following Foodland Ontario on Instagram @foodlandontario, Twitter @FoodlandOnt and Facebook.com/FoodlandOntario.
  • Join the conversation online: Post a picture of your favourite local foods and dishes using the hashtag #Foodland40 and #loveONTfood.
  • Buy local: Explore the diverse variety of nutritious locally-grown food available in grocery stores and farmers’ markets across the province. Make sure you look for the Foodland 40th anniversary logo in the aisles of your local food retailer.
  • Cook with local ingredients: Check out Foodland Ontario’s website or pick up a copy of the 2017 Foodland Ontario calendar to enjoy globally-inspired recipes using local ingredients from countries such as India and Vietnam.
  • Ask for local: The next time you are at a restaurant or grocery store, ask if they use local ingredients or look for a logo from a certified program like Feast On.

Supporting Ontario’s farmers and food processors is part of Ontario’s plan to create jobs, grow the economy and help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • The Foodland Ontario program was launched by the government of Ontario in 1977.
  • Foodland Ontario is part of the government’s efforts to promote local food, which include:
    • Establishing a Local Food Strategy designed to accelerate growth in Ontario’s agri-food sector by increasing consumer awareness and education, better access to local food and expanded local food production.
    • Investing more than $180 million in initiatives and projects that help promote local food literacy and access.
    • Increasing market opportunities for local food by providing funding to Farmers’ Markets Ontario to build capacity and expand farmers’ markets across the province.
  • Foodland Ontario is reaching more and more consumers through digital platforms and is active on five social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. In 2016, Foodland Ontario partnered with 120 events attracting more than a half million attendees.
  • More than 90 per cent of grocery shoppers recognize Foodland Ontario’s logo.

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