Chilling Veterans Documentary Film “THOSE WHO SERVE” Now Available on Prime Video via Prime Video Direct in U.S. Canada and UK

Poster for Those Who Serve

LOS ANGELES, /PRNewswire/ — Feature documentary, “Those Who Serve,” is now available on Prime Video via Prime Video Direct in the U.S. as well as Canada and the UK. The film is a powerful story about the sacrifices of three veterans and their experiences within the criminal justice system after years of terror on the battlefield and resulting mental health challenges. Emmy award winning producer Jeff Werner, from A Juke Film, (“The Woodmans”) wrote and directed the film in collaboration with producers Frank Connelly (“26.2 to Life”) and Kenneth A. Carlson (“The Heart of Nuba”).

“Those Who Serve” follows the complex lives of three former Marines who find themselves in courtrooms after their discordant return to the States. Werner’s documentary intends to stimulate conversation about the overwhelming psychological factors that led these servicemembers to break the law in the communities they once swore to protect. Werner and Connelly are also working with the educational organization Journeys in Film to use the film as a social impact teaching opportunity to focus on learning, awareness and advocacy for thousands of law and medical students through the digital media platform.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity for audiences to see our film and perhaps begin to discuss this little talked about issue. These veterans deserve our caring attention and consideration of how justice should look when the defendant may also be a victim. The government that sent them to fight for us is now the same government prosecuting them. As a society, we need to address this,” said Werner.

Werner hopes this release represents a significant sign of the widespread interest and opportunity to educate the public on the immense struggles of veterans, who are losing a battle that they never signed up to fight. “Those Who Serve” will leave every viewer with insight into the raw experiences of American Veterans and the ability to empathize with our former servicepeople.


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