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NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — ClashTV, the interactive livestreaming digital platform built to connect fans with the creators, content, and culture they are most passionate about, announced today that it has named Grammy-nominated artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Fat Joe as its inaugural Streetball Commissioner.

As ClashTV’s Streetball Commissioner, Fat Joe will provide creative guidance to the livestreaming platform as it develops additional Streetball content, blending high-passion sports with music, entertainment, fashion and more. The Streetball Commissioner, a new role for the company, reflects ClashTV’s mission to scale by dominating the category of Streetball as well and defining the intersection of content, commerce and culture. Fat Joe will also have an ownership stake in ClashTV and join the organization’s board of advisors.

“I’m proud to team up with ClashTV and establish a new era of Streetball. The ClashTV team truly understands the cultural and community impact of Streetball, so I’m looking forward to helping them elevate the game and bring athletes, creators and fans together in an innovative and meaningful way,” shared Fat Joe.

“Clash is with the culture. Joe is a superstar in the culture, and a lifelong Streetball fan. Together, we are going to unite the basketball leagues of America. In our mission to own the category of Streetball, there is no one more suited for this role than Fat Joe. What first bubbled up from the courts of New York City has become a worldwide movement. Joe’s expertise at leveraging media to grow the culture is legendary and we look forward to his contributions to ClashTV,” added CEO Jonathan Anastas.

The addition of Fat Joe adds to a growing list of 2023 milestones for ClashTV, including:

  • Signing its first sponsorship agreement, partnering with AND1 to livestream the sneaker and apparel company’s 30th anniversary Open Run events in July 2023, as well as producing original branded content.
  • Forming a partnership with Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc., a technology company that focuses on metaverse, gaming and generative AI, to launch, power and manage ClashTV’s 2023 NBA2K tournament this summer.
  • Signing 10 content creators to create and distribute weekly exclusive content on the platform, bringing with them their 600,000+ subscribers and over 100,000,000 total views on YouTube to date.
  • Adding top tier Summer Basketball content, including celebrating the 50th Anniversary of LA’s Drew League. ClashTV is the exclusive live-streaming platform for the women’s league.
  • Launching the companies first original intellectual property and programming, “ClashTV Courtside,” a SportsCenter-style weekly recap show, highlighting the best in on-platform streetball.


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